How to Brush Your French Bulldog’s Teeth

How to Brush Your French Bulldog’s Teeth

Let me start by asking you a simple question, and do well to give yourself an honest answer. Do you actually brush your dog’s teeth?

Brushing my own teeth is annoying enough as it is… I’m trying to get in the habit of brushing their teeth more often. Some dogs, unfortunately, get their teeth pulled because they were rotting and causing gum disease. It’s common in bulldogs apparently because of their overbite and overcrowding of teeth. If your dog’s teeth has been removed, his breath would smell much better.

If you notice your dog has bad breath, red swollen gums, yellow-ish brown tartar along the gum line, or bumps within the mouth, do go see the vet and get it checked out. Your pup could have major infections within the mouth and even lose their teeth.

1. Toothbrush for Frenchies

Lately, I have been using this new product, Toothbrush for Frenchies from Frenchie Shop. It’s a very helpful toothbrush that allows you to thrust your finger through it and touch every corner of your dog’s teeth and gum, just like you do when you a brushing a baby’s teeth. I love it because of the control it affords me in brushing my dog’s dog. After using it, I was satisfied and confident that my dog has a clean healthy teeth, just like I would be if I brushed my own teeth myself.



World’s Most Effective Frenchie Toothbrush

Also, there’s another device that I use to keep my dog’s clean. In fact, this was developed to allow dogs enjoy brushing their teeth by themselves. It’s like a toy, so as they play and bite the toothbrush, it is gradually cleaning up their entire mouth. What I do with this is that I just give it to my dog at intervals, usually after food, so it help to clean out food particles from their mouth. It is called, “World’s Most Effective Frenchie Toothbrush.

Here are 4 Steps to Brush Your French Bulldog’s Teeth

1.) Grab your dog toothbrush. If this is the first time you’re brushing your pups’ teeth then make it fun for them. Give them exercise first so they are relaxed through this process. Start brushing their teeth as a puppy so they get used to it early on.

2.) Never use Human Toothpaste; it’s poisonous to dogs! So grab some dog toothpaste and give your pup a sample to introduce them to it. Many people even use coconut oil as a substitute for toothpaste (which btw is amazing for our teeth as well!)

3.) Lift the lip to expose the gums and teeth of your pup and gently brush their teeth how you would your own. Use a forty-five-degree angle. Talk to your pup through this to assure them that there’s nothing to worry about. Make sure to get the back upper teeth as they usually build up tartar. If your dog is not used to brushing then start doing only a couple of teeth until your pup is fully comfortable with it.

4.) Give your pup some love by petting them or giving them their favorite toy to make them love getting their teeth brushed. Try getting a toy like World’s Most Effective Frenchie Toothbrush, which are better for your pup’s teeth and gums. Also, you can give them toy bones to bite. Bones are great for pups so they get strengthen the gums and teeth and even get rid of build-up plaque. Getting pets the right type of toy is one way to help combat dental problems.

Very simple and straight forward, right? I bet you didn’t know that brushing your dog’s teeth could be that easy. So if you haven’t been doing it, start right away. It helps your pets oral hygiene, and general health. If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth regular, kissing the dog or doing some type of close-up play would be dangerous to your own health. So, it is in the best interest of your dog and yourself to ensure that your dog’s teeth is always kept clean.


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