French bulldogs have grown from being the least to become the most-loved, and owned by influential celebrities and the perfect model for a dog breed. They are very friendly and can create a bond with other pets. They are very protective of their own notwithstanding their stout-looking stature. They have a dominating spirit and can be territorial in a bid to prevent other dogs from invading or getting too close to their owners. They are very entertaining and fun to be with due to their creativity traits. And they are intelligent and easy to train without any hassle.

Frenchies are very lovable, loyal and faithful partners with a very unique personality. However, Frenchies can be aggressive if they are provoked. The truth is they are not naturally aggressive but are the best companions anybody would wish to have in their homes.

However, all these traits cannot be actualized if they are not properly nurtured at an early stage and this goes beyond whether you bought it as a puppy or an adult, or whether it is a male or female breed, regardless of the nature of your Frenchie, you have to put in your best in developing its social skills.

To befriend your Frenchie, you must ensure that you adopt certain strategies to build its trust but this may require daily activity from you.


3 Things You Can Do to Befriend Your French Bulldog

  1. Create Fun Moments
  2. Make it Sociable
  3. Reward/Benefits


Let me explain these.


  • Create Fun Moments
  • Long-lasting memories are created in simple things, with the right people as well as our pets. Having a Frenchie as a companion can be fun especially when you groom him. Some of the basic activities that will create a bond include the following:

    • Be fully involved in the training process and never lose your cool while at it. Be patient with your Frenchie while training it on several character acquisitions.
    • Take long walks with your Frenchie. It may not be a good companion for jogging/ running exercises but it is the right buddy for taking brisk walks in the early hours of the day or evening time whichever one is suitable.
    • You can establish a connection with your Frenchie by petting it or rubbing its belly whenever it does something worth commending.
    • Frenchies are very creative and always eager to have a game time with you. Introducing fun activities would be good and it will be exciting to watch how it wiggles its tail while waiting for you to throw the ball, and it never hesitates to lick your skin when you decide to play dead. Come up with fun ideas and watch your Frenchie execute its end of the game.
    • Go on adventures and take pictures of the places you visited together, activities that you were involved in, etc.

    These simple activities will help you discover the traits your Frenchie possesses and identify its hobbies. Try to create time out of your busy schedule for your Frenchie and spend quality time together by learning each other’s language and behavioral patterns.


  • Make it Sociable.
  • Frenchies love attention and will go at any length to ensure that they get it 24/7. They often want to be loved and cannot stand being separated from their owners. The truth is that you will not always be available and it may not be cool to carry your Frenchie wherever you go, so you need to train your Frenchie to be its own boss.

    You can decide to take short trips without your Frenchie, this will make it become more self-reliant and comfortable staying by itself. In a situation where you live alone, ensure that you make your Frenchie to be acquainted with your neighbors and friends. Instead of caging your Frenchie, you can permit it to interact with other dogs in the neighborhood. This will help to build its social personality and enhance its interaction skills. 

    The idea behind creating alternatives is to find opportunities for your Frenchie to expand its circle of trust and to build strong relations with other pets and humans too. These acts of friendship from outsiders will help your Frenchie feel safe at home when you are not there. It will alleviate separation anxiety and lessen boredom for it.


  • Reward Benefits.
  • Creating a reward plan for your Frenchie is another medium of expressing your love and care. You can commend its good behavior whenever it goes outside to pee or poo without your intervention. This will help to groom its confidence.

    Naturally, Frenchies are very sociable and have the tendency of becoming your best friend. They are the best companions that will stick with you through the good times and bad and will take up your fight when necessary. Be willing to spend quality time with your Frenchie. They need your love and the love of others to know they have a friend and feel great about their circumstances without being looked down on.




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    I concur with the comments in this article …

    My fur son Jacques is the “ apple of my eye “ and I can’t wait to get home to be with him after a day at work , I even even take him to work when weather permits , we are the two Amigos, and I love him . Only a frenchie owner will understand these sentiments 🐾🐶👍


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