How to Attract a Frenchie Lover Boyfriend/Girlfriend

How to Attract a Frenchie Lover Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Having a French bulldog is quite interesting. It is something almost everyone will want to have. French bulldogs are usually friendly. They are entirely cute and always look happy. With a French bulldog, you will have your day brightened up.

But there is a special joy that comes along with having a fellow French bulldog owner or just a fan or lover as a friend, and not just a friend, as a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. It will make your journey as a French bulldog owner much more enjoyable. 

Everyone wants to have a feel of what it means to own a French bulldog. But some other times, you will need a partner so that you can get the best out of taking care of your French bulldog. 


Benefits of having a French Bulldog Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Wife/Husband

  1. Lower cost of maintenance

Training a French bulldog is quite costly, and nothing sounds better than having a friend who has a good enough knowledge on how to solve some problems associated with training a French bulldog. This relationship can lead to a reduced vet visit. You could easily spend quality time doing other important stuff instead of visiting the vet at every undesirable behavior of your French bulldog.

  1. Have a company for your French bulldog

If you have a partner who loves or owns French bulldogs, your dog will also benefit from this relationship. She can have a good mate that can help reduce her dull moments. And if your partner’s Frenchie is of the opposite sex, you can be sure of having a mating partner for your French bulldog as well. Who knows, they could turn to be lovers, too.

  1. Having a good relationship with common interest

The fact that both of you are both French bulldog lovers shows that there is a common interest. You can build your relationship along this line and you will end up having a beautiful companionship in this person.


Some Characters that would Help You Attract a French Bulldog Lover 

  1. Be Nice and Polite

No matter how reserved you are, you should ensure that you are polite and nice. Do not look too open but simply show to the other fellow who wants a conversation that you are open for a talk.

  1. Maintain Your French Bulldog

At first contact, your French bulldog will be the subject of discussion, hence it is advisable for you to keep your dog neat. You could put a vest on your Frenchie to make him look more beautiful.

  1. Have Up-to-Date Knowledge about Frenchies

You should keep yourself abreast of the information about French bulldogs; this will help you start up a discussion. And trust me, you don’t want to be stranded when topics about French bulldog are raised.


There are Several Ways You Could Meet a Partner that Owns a French Bulldog

  1. In a Party

You could take your French Bulldog out for a party or organize a Frenchie party. It is an excellent way to begin a conversation. If you are the shy type, you will get someone to take a hit on you if you take your dog with you. However, if you see someone with a French bulldog at a party, try to make your move. Making the French bulldog the subject of the discussion, a good conversation can come from there.

  1. Vet Store

Taking your French bulldog to see the vet is a potential spot for getting a Frenchie lover. After seeing the vet, you could effortlessly strike up a discussion with any other Frenchie owner you find around, and there could be some center of attraction sooner.

  1. Take Your Frenchie on a Walk Routinely.

Taking a walk with your Frenchie is the right way for you to familiarize yourself with other Frenchie owners around your area. With your routine walks, you could also come in contact with others who are interested in French bulldogs. 

And if it is okay with you, you can allow those dogs to visit the house of your new friend from time to time. You could also send your French Bulldog over to have some playtime. These play times may metamorphose into a strong bond that will exist among them forever, and eventually between you and the other around.

  1. Social Media

Social media is a broad place; you can meet persons of different interests there. There are groups on Facebook and tags on Instagram that can help you link up with persons who are interested in French bulldogs. 

So, take out time to do those searches and create good relationships with other Frenchie lovers so you can make your connections awesome.

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