How can I Help My French Bulldog Get Pregnant?

How can I Help My French Bulldog Get Pregnant?

If you have a female French bulldog, you’d notice that she goes into heat at a certain age. During this heat, your female French bulldog is said to be fertile and can also get pregnant. Also, although pups are great to have around, yet lots of dog owners are not usually ready to have litters of small Frenchies. The art of raising French bulldogs is a full-time job hence if you are not ready to raise little Frenchies, you should consider spraying your female French bulldog at an early age.

It is not usually healthy for a young female French bulldog to become a mother; this is because their growth stops and they remain in that small puppy-like shape they had before they got pregnant. Hence it is advisable to allow the dogs to grow a lot bigger before getting them pregnant.

If you notice that your dog is big enough to get pregnant, it is wise you keep an eye on your female French bulldog to know when she is on heat period.


How do you know if your female French bulldog is on heat?

There are typical signs to look out for; how your female French bulldog goes on heat is relative to the individual dog. However, if you have more than one female French bulldog in the house, they may go into heat at the same time or at different times.

When your Frenchie is on heat, her behavior changes, so also the behavior of other dogs around her, she will begin to sniff excessively and become grumpy. Some female French bulldog dogs will make small puddles just to spread their scent around.

This smell usually helps the female bulldog to attract male dogs around. A French Bulldog on heat will have a swollen vulva also with the labia. It also loses blood through the vagina. For some female bulldog, they may be spotless and will quickly leak the drops of blood, but others will be noticeable. The best way to find out is to pay close attention to your dog.

If you suspect your dog being on heat, you should wipe her vulva with a clean toilet paper to know if she is losing blood.


When Can You Start Checking if Your Frenchie is on Heat?

Generally, the female French bulldog goes on heat between the 6th and the 12th month of age. Sometimes, it gets delayed till the 14th month, but this is rare. They repeat this heat cycle twice every year. However, the female French dog is not fertile all the days of the heat, but for only a few days within this heat period.


How Should You Handle Your French Bulldog During Her Heat Period?

Having known the signs of female French bulldog being on heat, the following are some things you should endeavor to do during her heat period:

  1. Please keep your female French bulldog on a leash during her heat period: While your dog is outside, you should do well to keep her on a leash, especially during her heat period.
  1. Be conscious of your surrounding: Your female French bulldog will begin to smell nice to other male dogs around hence you have to note the route you take when taking a stroll because it won't be very well convenient to chase away a herd of male dogs from around your female dog.
  1. This is not the time for training: Just give her the time she needs to rest and eat. It would be best if you also kept their living area clean all the time.
  1. Get a healthy male partner for your dog: This is very important. Your female French bulldog would not get pregnant by herself. Hence for you to help her get pregnant, you should look for a healthy male Frenchie for her. Confirm from your vet doctor that the male is healthy before you bring it near your female French bulldog. There are lots of health conditions that can be contracted from one dog to the other. And since the male dog may be required to stay with your female dog during the period of heat, it is critical you scrutinize the health condition of the dog.
  1. Carry Out Artificial Insemination: The best time to perform artificial insemination on your French Bulldog is during her heat period. Since not all French Bulldog can mate on their own, it is important that you learn the process of Artificial Insemination or consult with a Vet to help you carry this out. Being to detect when your Frenchie is in her heat period is vital to helping her get pregnant by any means, because it is the best time for fertilization to take place.

Taking care of your female French bulldog on heat can be very tasking and fun. The heat period usually lasts for a few weeks. Knowing what to do about this time is essential to maintaining a healthy and happy French Bulldog.stress from this period wouldn’t be too bad if you want your female French bulldog pregnant.


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