How Big Do French Bulldogs Get?

How Big Do French Bulldogs Get?


Many French Bulldog owners usually ponder if they could have a big French Bulldog. They also wonder if their French bulldog will grow bigger than expected. Some other times, they wonder how much bigger it could get? Or possibly how small it can be.

Since the breed came from a mix of English bulldogs and local rater dogs; which led to a not-so-small breed which is known today as a French bulldog. They are just a little smaller than the English bulldog but not as tiny as the chihuahua.

The French bulldog is the preferred choice for many major cities, especially those with small accommodation spaces. If you live in a small space, your best option for a pup will be a not so giant breed that doesn’t bark much.

Since there is hardly a phrase called big French bulldog, they earned the name Frenchie which came partly as a result of their size.

The Size of The French Bulldog

At birth, the French bulldog weighs from 8 to 20 ounces. The litter of the parent dog usually determines its size.

The French bulldog grows for a period of 2years, after which it stops growing. The bulk of the weight is gained between the period of 9 months and one year. The parents also affect the height and weight of the dog.

The weight of the female French bulldog ranges from 18 to 26 pounds with a height range of 11 to 12 inches, while the weight for the male Frenchie ranges from 20 to 28 pounds and has a height range of 11 to 12 inches.

These sizes are also prone to environmental and other factors such as body shape, genetics, and lifestyle. Though the male and female weight varies, the height is generally the same amongst the dog genders.


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Does the French bulldog have other sizes?

Yes, there are other more minor variations of the French bulldog.  They are knowns as mini-French bulldog and teacup French bulldog, a name they earned due to their sizes.

These breeds are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as they fall short of the French bulldog standard. The difference in these breeds came from a mix of different local litters and the English bulldog.

These differences have not been widely accepted as some groups of professionals still refer to all breed (traditional French bulldog, the mini, and the Tea Cup) as the French bulldog – owing to the difference in size to their choice of breeding. Irrespective of the difference in opinion of their origin, they are well known to be valuable and adorable.

Keeping your French bulldog trim and healthy

Mild exercises do a lot for the French bulldog. A simple walk on the street, around the apartment, is good enough to keep them in shape. They should not be exposed to rigorous exercises that can strain their growth.

Avoid generic foods, foods with high fats and calories, as they can be dangerous. Pay proper attention to their feeding as it plays a significant role in keeping them in shape. When they grow bigger than their shape, they tend to be out of shape and this can affect their general wellbeing.

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