FRENCH BULLDOGS AND COVID-19: Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?

FRENCH BULLDOGS AND COVID-19: Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?

There is a new scare in town, CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19). The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared the disease a global pandemic. So, it is absolutely fine if you are getting worried not just about your own safety but also the safety of your dog.

The virus is novel, and the world is yet to find a cure. This reality heightens the fear and panic about the situation. While a lot of materials are flying around educating people about the length and breadth of Coronavirus, so many medical professionals have bothered to tell us if our beloved pets are safe or not in the midst of all these.

So, we have put together this informative piece to inform you about the possible impact of COVID-19 on your French Bulldog. First off, we want to answer the question, can dogs get coronavirus?


Can Dogs Get the Coronavirus?

In a recent case in Hong Kong, where the owner of a dog tested positive for the Coronavirus, the dog was tested to know if it has been affected by the virus, and the test came out with a positive result. The result showed that the dog had a low-grade symptom, but it is not sick.

The dog has since been placed under quarantine. The dog that was infected in this case is a Pomeranian breed. The dog till now doesn’t show any sign of the Coronavirus. Experts have advised that dog owners should apply caution in relating with their dogs, especially when they are ill.

A China epidemiologist Li Lanjuan stated that since Coronavirus was initially gotten from an animal source, care ought to be taken on how we relate with animals around us, especially pets; meanwhile, as the WHO tries to reduce the panic that is associated with this virus, a lot of care should be put in place on how we relate with our pets, whether we are sick or not.

There is a need for you to take your dog for routine walks. And because they can tell us when something is wrong with them, you should always try to check their nose, gum and their general body behavior.

You can do all the usual things that are expected of you as a dog owner, but all the same, you should not be negligent on how they feel. When your dog has red gums, and their nose is hot, it is a symptom that something is wrong with them. Lethargy, coughing, and loss of appetite can also be a sign of illness.


Tips for Pet Owners

No matter your pet, whether dog or cats, you should ensure to adopt good hygiene. Wash your hands and the paws of your dog anytime you return from any outing. You must maintain good hygiene not only for yourself but also for your dog.

The paws of your dog can harbor lots of bacteria, especially if they are not washed routinely. So, just before you take them in after a stroll, you should clean their paws. The best way you can clean their paws is to wash with dog shampoo and clean water.

It would help if you did not use human soap to wash the dog’s claw. This is because they will dry out the skin of your dog. This way, they make the skin susceptible to infections. Just in case there is water available, then you can use we wipe to clean up the paws. However, even if alcohol can be a perfect pick to wash your hands, yet it is not the best option for your dog.

It is a well-known habit for dogs to lick paws, especially when they come in contact with new things. Hence using alcohol for their paw will cause them harm; it will burn their skin and lead to poisoning. Instead of you to use alcohol, then you should use baby wet wipe until you have water available.

It would help if you also stopped kissing your French bulldog. This is because the Coronavirus is transferred through mucus and wet glands in the body. Hence there is a high chance of you getting the virus if you kiss your French bulldog.

And just in case you are traveling, ensure that you wear a protective face mask and put your French bulldog on carrier bag and place on your bag. This will reduce the chances of your dog catching the virus.

Also, it would help if you routinely washed the feeding bowl of your French bulldog. Provide clean water for the dog always. This will help your dog keep rehydrating when necessary and put the immune response at optimum levels.

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Thank you for your email and just to let you know I have a very big garden so my French bulldog is self isolating she gets plenty of exercise playing ball in her own little park she’s happy and most of all safe and well


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