When a Frenchie has a crusty, cracked dry nose, it could lead to a number of consequences for your best friend. One of the common consequences is that he might begin to develop itches around the nose area. If your French bulldog is itching, different causes can be the basis. In this article, we are going to cover the basis with regard to French bulldog skin problems, and provide solutions especially if your Frechie has a crusty and cracked dry nose. First, let’s dive into the causes of French bulldog itch.


If your French bulldog is itching, different causes can be the basis.

  • Parasites

If a French bulldog has itching, most owners immediately think of parasites such as fleas or mites.

A flea bite can indeed give your French bulldog a lot of itch. Not only will the scratchy creatures that make their way between the furs causes a lot of itching, but allergic reactions can also occur to the bites of a flea.A flea is a parasite that needs the blood of another animal to continue to exist. When bitten, the flea will release a type of substance that causes the blood to clot. On the substances in the saliva of the flea, the defense mechanism of the body will react; causing an allergic reaction and the dog will itch.

The by-far most important mite with whom a French bulldog often counts is the ear and nose mite. Do you have French bulldog ear or nose mite, then you will immediately see that he often shakes his head and he often scratches his ears. There will also often be black discharge from his ears, and cracks in the nose area due to extreme dryness.The French bulldog can also suffer from other mites. For example, the Demodex mite, the scabies mite, the cheyletiella mite and the autumn mite are the cause of itching on the skin.

  • Food allergy

Food allergies can also be a cause of itching in the French bulldog. Using an elimination diet, you can find out which substances in the diet a French bulldog is allergic to. Have you read our “What is the Best Food for French Bulldogs?

  • Contact allergy

It is possible that your French bulldog cannot tolerate certain substances in the house. If your French bulldog often gets red spots and itching after lying on a blanket, then it may be allergic to the washing products, and especially often fabric softeners, where you have washed this blanket.

  • Fungi

In the many folds in the face of the French bulldog, which sometimes causes difficulty in breathing through the nose, and the folds between his legs and around his tail, moulds develop quickly. These fungi can cause skin irritations and itching. It is therefore essential to regularly clean these skin folds and keep nose moisturized against extreme dryness.

  • Infections

A dog that has itching will scratch and lick, that's a normal reaction. This may, however, cause skin irritations or even skin inflammations, so that your French bulldog will lick and scratch even more in these places, creating a vicious circle. That is why it is important to intervene immediately if you notice that your dog has itching. If you have French bulldog itching, try to find the cause to prevent further skin problems.

French Bulldog Skin Problems Preventions

You will understand, in any case, if you find skin problems in your French Bulldog or if it constantly scratches the first reflex to have is to see the vet. Especially that some of these diseases can be contagious for the man and the child. Another important point, the longer we wait, the more the disease worsens requiring general anaesthesia then, which can be dangerous for small dogs like French Bulldog and therefore to avoid that as much as possible. Frenchie original nose butter helps treat yeasts, fungi, and bacterium causing your french bulldog nose dryness, with regular use, within a short period of time your Frenchie’s nose should begin to look fresher and moisturized, he’ll find it easier to breath and play around. You will need to apply it on the affected part. Some owners may want to wrap it with a bandage to prevent your Bulldog from licking it, but we recommend you distract your Frenchie with some treats while applying the medication. He’ll keep calm and let you take good care of him.


If you other ways of taking care of Frenchie’s Crusty nose or other skin problem, share in the comments box below. Click on the links above to see the solution that works best for you.

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My frenchie Ethan.
Skin irratation went to inner ears, vet has him on Apoquel tabs 47 euro for 2 weeks needs forever they say ply ear drops. Originally said allergic to cut grass. This hasn’t happened since last cut of summer so not been near. Now possible food allergies he is on Werewolf grain free salmon and trout as recommended by breader?

Lia Craven

What can i use for itching between paws, there like little sores

Gail M Montague

My french bull dog has crusty ears what can I do

Kellsey scales

I too used cocoa butter Vaseline on my Frenchie’s dry cracked nose. The next day a black ‘bulb’ from her nose fell off and disintegrated in my fingers. Gross but gone! Now her nose seems back to normal. I still plan to use the Vaseline occasionally.


I used Vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy for humans and it cleared up within a day. Amazing results. Try it.


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