French Bulldog on Collar Vs. Harness: Which One is For You?

French Bulldog on Collar Vs. Harness: Which One is For You?


Using a collar vs. harness can be difficult to decide, but some conditions can specify why and where you can use either of them. Even if there is a current increase in Frenchie parents using collars, it hasn't taken the place of harnesses.

When you should use a Collar

It would help if you use collars when you want to identify your French bulldog quickly. Collars function as a quick means to identify your Frenchie if you are going around many other French bulldogs. They help to hold your dog tag effectively.

Also, you should also use your dog tag if your Frenchie is a young puppy. Many times, Frenchie do not like harnesses because they are usually not comfortable when they put them on. Collars will be the best math for your Frenchie puppy because only the neck is tied.

Use only collars when you have a well-trained Frenchie who will not pull. This is especially so when you are taking short walks. But harnesses are for French bulldogs that can pull when going on walks.

However, you should know that your French bulldog can slip out of the collar, especially if it is not fit properly. Also, when the collars are pulled too hard, they cause damage to the trachea of the dogs. The thyroid gland can also be affected.

There have also been reports of some collars suffocating some Frenchie; this is one of the reasons why it is not advisable to leave the collar on when you are not attending to your dog.



When to use a Harnesses

Harnesses are best when your dog has short noses, such as the French bulldog. Harnesses are best for dog breeds that are smaller because smaller dogs are usually prone to trachea collapse when they use collars.

It would help if you used a harness when you are going for a long walk. Frenchie are more likely to pull when on a long walk, and when they do when the harness is on, the forces are equally distributed on the dog's body.

Harnesses are also best recommended when your French bulldog is under training. A young puppy will pull and jump in any direction; hence the harness is best to keep the dog under control before it learns not to do some things.


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However, using a harness for a long time has been known to cause chafes on the skin of the French bulldog; hence it is better to switch between collar vs. harness routinely.

Also, to eliminate the chances of a trachea depression, it is better to put the harness clip at the back instead of removing the pressure on the chest. The front hook harness will also cause some depression if they are not fit properly.

Now that you understand why you use a collar vs. harness, you should know that it is better to have both around and fix them up on your Frenchie, depending on the need.


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