French Bulldog Items That Show How Much You Love Your Dog

French Bulldog Items That Show How Much You Love Your Dog

So you own a dog. The fact that you own a dog should by itself be a sufficient indication that you love dogs, and because you are right here on Frenchie.Shop also tells me that you love French Bulldogs. Since that’s so obvious, why am I writing about items that show how much you love your dog.

For starters… The emphasis here is on “How Much.”

Everyone loves their dog, but not all love for dogs is at the same degree. And, the difference between how much you love your French Bulldog and how much I love mine is precisely shown in how we treat our dogs.

No love can be felt except it is shown.

When it comes to loving our dogs, love is expressed in a multitude of ways. Just like the way we express love to ourselves as humans. I want to explain this idea from the perspective of 3 unique items. My reason is that the concepts of these items are so unique that you would never think of them except for the sake of love. 

There are things we buy for the need of them, and there are other things we buy for the need of them and for the love of them and the users.

Let me give you an example.


We all need food, including our dogs. So, when we buy food for ourselves, we also remember to buy for our dogs or share our food with them. Now, does that show that you love our Frenchies? Well, yes, but not necessarily. We all need food to survive, there’s nothing special about it.

Think of any other necessities you can make out in your head and put them in this category.

On the other hand, there are other items that if you don’t love your French Bulldog sooooo much, you would never think of getting them, or even if you, it won’t seem all that important to you.

Here’re are the top 3 items that show how much you love your French Bulldog;


A French Bulldog Backpack is an amazing way to express your love for your pet. And this speaks so loudly about your love for your friend in so many ways. First, let’s look at the need for it.

A French Bulldog backpack is especially helpful to dogs with special needs. For instance, if your dog has had major surgery, it is not advisable that you subject them to a stressful journey or a long walk. Also if your French Bulldog is suffering from Arthritis or joint pains, it is important that you get a Frenchie Backpack. Other special need dogs that may require a backpack include older Frenchies that have started losing their sight or vision due to old age, (Yes, this thing happen, even to us human, so take care of your Frenchies when they old the same way you take care of the old people around you). 

Again, French Bulldogs are not particularly bred for long walks and too much stress. If your traveling and you are going to walk a long distance with your dog, consider getting a backpack or be prepared to deal with a major health challenge afterward. Finally, since Frenchies are natural attention-seekers, and love to be in the company of their owners almost all the time (an attribute that makes them lovely and a great family dog), it is not surprising that some Frenchies feel very lonely when you are away. So, it is not advisable to always leave your Frenchie all by themselves. This feeling of loneliness, if it lingers for too long can result in a severe change in their emotional state.

Therefore these reasons and more, the Frenchie backpack is a very important need. But then, not every Frenchie owner would think of these reasons and feel sufficient compassion to get one for their Frenchies. It is only the ones who love their dog so much that go out of their ways to show such an enormous love for their fur friend.

You can see a ton of them proudly showing off their love for French Bulldogs with the Backpack.



Another item that speaks volumes about your love for your French Bulldog is the Bed. Believe it or not, I consider this a great show of love for your dog because I have seen some people whose dogs sleep on the bare floor and others that let their dogs sleep outdoors. I find it really wild to do that because I feel that it reduces our homies to the status of a wild animal; like they have no home like they are not part of the family.

But perhaps, what we should remember and admire is the fact that dogs are such amazing creatures that there’s hardly a circumstance they cannot survive in. Is that me saying that it’s okay to let your dog sleep on the bare floor or outdoors? Definitely not!

When you see someone who spends a good chunk of money just to give their Frenchie a comfortable sleep at night and in the day, you are instantly aware that the person does not joke with their pet. 

There’s still a higher level of love that I honestly cannot compete against - Those the ones that let their dogs sleep on the same bed with them at night. My oh mine! I am yet to find the nerves to do that. Not because I find it awkward though, but because my bed is small and I like to lie from edge to edge. I don’t want to wake up one morning and find that I broke my dog’s arm. Lol.

However, beyond the love for your Frenchie to have a cozy sleep at night, a French Bulldog bed really serves some very important purposes.

Having a separate bed for your dog will help to prevent some behavioral issues they would otherwise develop if they get accustomed to sleeping in the same bed with you. A Frenchie bed contributes to your dog's health by ensuring they get comfortable sleeping positions, especially if they are adults. A dog bed will also keep him toasty warm as against sleeping on the floor, which exposes your dog to temperatures that are either higher or lower than what's good for them. That's why you need a self-warming bed to keep your dog feeling safe and toasty in inclement weather. If your dog sleeps on his own bed, you are invariably preserving your furniture.

Buying a dog bed is one of the most rightful decisions a dog owner can make. Remember that a dog bed is not an ostentatious display of how much money you can waste; real dog parents know better. Unless you don’t consider your canine companion as part of the family, you will never understand the necessity.

Your best canine friend may not be able to send you a thank you card for his new dog bed, but his sweet wet licks and wiggling tail are surely a sign of his gratefulness!


The next item that shows how much you love and care for your dog is French Bulldog Clothes. My reason for putting this one on the list here is very obvious. First is that normally, dogs are not humans and are not supposed to wear clothes. Only a few dogs can differentiate when they are wearing or not wearing clothes. Buying your Frenchies clothes is first and foremost a great show of love, and it instantly places a premium on the value of your dog and makes him a center of attraction in a public place.

Just like Frenchie bed, beyond the aesthetic appeal of French Bulldog clothes, there are a ton of benefits that dressing up your fur friend will give.

One of the most important advantages is protecting your dog from extremely harsh weather conditions. French Bulldogs particularly do not build for extreme weather conditions, so if you expose your Frenchie to extreme cold weather or extremely hot weather you run the risk of losing him.

That’s why French Bulldog clothes come in different designs. There are certain clothes that are better suited for different seasons and different weather conditions, such as:

  1. Winter clothes

  2. Autumn/Fall clothes
  3. Spring clothes
  4. Summer clothes

These are our top 3 items that clearly express your love for your dog. You are welcome to differ but if you sincerely love your Frenchie consider getting one of these items. Don’t forget to let me know what you think about my list in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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