Depression affects dogs as much as it does to humans, it is an intense mental and emotional state that could lead to some more dangerous and life-threatening habits or actions. The problem with French Bulldog depression is while humans can decipher their emotional conditions and deal with them, Frenchies can't, hence leaving them so helpless.

As a French Bulldog owner, it is your duty to try and notice some behavioral changes in your best friend that could possibly be some signs of depression. This piece is about letting you into the zone of the nitty-gritty about Frenchie depression and how to deal with it.

As a Frenchie lover, you'll notice that French Bulldogs are generally very emotional, and they are obviously very dependent or attached to their owners. Sometimes, it can well be said that Frenchies have the tendency of falling into the emotional state of their owners. In other words, your moods have the capacity to affect your furry friend's moods, so if you are depressed, chances are your Frenchie would be, too.


One of the most causes of French Bulldog depression is being separated from their owner. As noted earlier, this breed is very attached to their owners and are much more likely to suffer separation anxiety than any other dog breed. It may even be quite traumatizing for them. This is just one, there are numerous other causes of Frenchie depression. Frenchie depression may be temporary, but when it continues for a long period of time, your pet may need some help.

Just as it is seen in humans, the personality of French Bulldogs differ from one another, some are more playful than others, some are more active, while some are quieter and more introverted. Generally, however, there are some signs or symptoms, which unequivocally give indications that your French Bulldog may be going through depression. They are:

1. Appetite
2. Excessive Sleep
3. Not Interested in Doing Anything
4. Avoidance/Hiding
5. Excessive Licking

Appetite: This indicator can be observed in two distinct ways; Loss of appetite or increase in appetite. Different Frenchies may respond to depression either by losing appetite for food (they may eat very little or not even eat at all), in any case, loss of appetite causes Frenchies to have a rapid weight loss. On the other hand, depression can also cause some French Bulldogs to find solace in eating a lot of food, so they eat such an unusual amount of food and often crave for more (Increase in appetite in a Frenchie going through depression causes him to gain a lot of weight, consequently). With regards to appetite, observe when there's a sudden change in the eating habit of your Frenchie, either for good or ill, it may be a sign that your pet is going through depression.

Excessive Sleep: Depression causes general weakness and unwillingness. The effect is always to remain in bed, sleep and do nothing. If you find that your active Frenchie now finds it more pleasurable to sleep all they long, you may need to pay closer attention, it may be that your Frenchie is depressed.

Not Interested in Doing anything: If your French Bulldog suddenly stops finding joy in doing certain things that normally makes him happy. For instance, he no longer wants to play with his toys, taking a walk with you, playing with you and all that, such change of habit may be a good indication that your Frenchie is having a traumatizing time emotionally.

Avoidance/Hiding: If your French Bulldog had always enjoyed being around you or people generally, but suddenly begin to hide from people, and prefers to be alone, it may be that the dog is injured, sick or simply depressed.

Excessive Licking: Frenchie depression can also cause the dog to start licking his paws too frequently. This is one of the most obvious signs of sorrow for dogs. It may be an effective indication of a depressed emotional state.

What To Do When Your French Bulldog is Depressed?

Here are some things you can do to cheer your dog up and help him overcome depression (that don’t require a prescription): Spend more quality time with him. Play with him, take him for a walk more often than usual, take him to a park to play with other dogs or let him engage in some other activities he loves. Buy him some new toys, preferably one that will make him more occupied and distract him for a longer period of time.

If your dog has lost a pet companion, maybe you should get him another one. If you leave your dog alone when you go to work and you think loneliness is the cause of your dog’s depression, maybe you should consider taking him to a pet daycare or hire a sitter who will take him for a walk when you are at work.

Give your dog some time to bounce back, be patient and be there for him. Remember, you are the only person he can count on. If it takes too long for him to get back to being active, playful and his usual self, then you have no option but to take him to a veterinarian. He may need to do some blood analysis to eliminate the medical cause of this condition and after that, he may prescribe some dog antidepressant. This should help your Frenchie go through this rough period, but remember- love and patience is the best cure for all living things, especially your furry little friend!

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