Does French Bulldog Shed?

Does French Bulldog Shed?

French bulldogs are exciting partners in the home. Many times, their maintenance can be burdensome, especially when they shed. All dogs shed, French bulldogs shed. Even the French Bulldog breed usually advertised as hypoallergenic still sheds, but their shedding is usually less frequent than other breeds.

Dogs will naturally remove old or damaged hair. But the shedding is dependent on their breed type. Most dogs will shed their undercoat to keep them from overheating. And in the winter, they will shed their summer undercoat to have a thicker coat that can keep them warm in the year's cold season.

But French bulldogs shed little hair compared to other dog breeds. They have a short, smooth, and fine coat that is relatively easy to groom. They shed twice in the year, just as all normal dogs, but the quantity of hair shed by Frenchie is smaller than other breeds.

French bulldogs shed during the spring and the fall. And some tools can help your Frenchie minimize the quantity of hair being shed; a stripping comb and a grooming mitt can be used to remove the excess hair and prevent random shedding in the home.

Why Does French Bulldog Shed?

Your Frenchie fur helps them control their temperature and keep their skin from sunburn and other environmental conditions. The french bulldog is double-coated; they have the undercoat, made of tiny hairs and shorter, and then the topcoat. A temperature change will lead to seasonal shedding, which is a term known as ‘blowing coat’. Change in temperature is the major reason why French bulldogs shed.

Other reasons include, injury, lack in major vitamins, skin diseases and allergy. Irregular changes to your french bulldog’s hair, should be reported to your vet.

Dealing with French Bulldog Shedding

Shedding for a Frenchie is not so frequent; however, it is essential to pay attention to their fur and skin. Taking care of their fur often helps prevent skin-related problems. You may not be able to prevent shedding altogether but reduce it to the barest minimum.

Proper nutrition helps keep the right amount of fur in place; try checking your dog's nutrition to determine the best suitable food type for healthy fur.

Talk to your vet about the proper tools for trimming your dog's fur. Not all tools are suitable. To control dog hair flying around your house, you could use a vacuum cleaner from time to time. This will help reduce the amount of hair lying around.


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Ensure you give your dog regular baths during the summer. It also helps with keeping fur healthy. You could use shampoo(oatmeal) twice a month on them. You don't need to dry their skin after bathing with oatmeal shampoo; it helps rejuvenate their existing coat.

If you are having trouble keeping your dog's fur out of your furniture, you may consider using throw pillows on your furniture set. They cover the furniture's surface from the natural settling of furs and add a  sense of beauty to your home.



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