Do French Bulldogs Have to be Artificially Inseminated?

Do French Bulldogs Have to be Artificially Inseminated?

This is probably one of the most worrisome questions in the mind of many French Bulldog owners; do French Bulldogs have to be artificially inseminated? The reproductive abilities of French Bulldogs no doubt is a cause of concern for many Frenchie lovers. In the past, we delved into a portion of this discourse by looking at whether or not French Bulldogs can mate on their own? Today, our focus will be on unraveling issues surrounding French Bulldog inseminated, and find out, if you may have it, are there really other means by which French Bulldogs can conceive or get pregnant other than by means of artificial insemination?

Cost of Artificial Insemination

Very importantly, this matters a lot, because to perform artificial insemination on French Bulldogs costs an average of $500 dollars. That's no small amount to spend on a pet. But then, what can't you do for love? Asides the cost of doing artificial insemination, the success rate may be very low from an improperly performed artificial insemination.

Are There Side-Effects of Artificial Insemination (AI) in French Bulldogs?

Actually, performing AI on French Bulldogs are not known to produce side effects or have any negative health impact when performed by a Veterinarian or a specifically recognizable technician, which skills will avoid complications or adverse effects, as well as stress or risks of welfare infringement towards the Frenchie, especially the female. As a matter of fact, Artificial insemination has some health benefits such as helping to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, among others.

However, it is important to have a professional Vet or an experienced Breeder perform the AI on your Frenchie because there are a number of procedures that need to be undergone before you can have it done properly. Apart from Semen assessment, you need to know the accurate timing of the female French Bulldog when it is best to perform the procedure.

The Success Rate of French Bulldog Artificial Insemination

Generally, French Bulldog Artificial Insemination do not come out with 100% success rate, the success rate of Artificial insemination in French Bulldog is between 59%-80% in most cases for Fresh semen and 52%-60% Success rate for Frozen Semen. Hence, knowing the cost implication of Artificial insemination, and the risks involved even if you can afford it, you sure do want to know whether there are alternatives to artificial insemination on Frenchies. But, before we address the possible alternatives, let's answer to  'Do French Bulldogs have to be artificially inseminated?'

Do French Bulldogs have to be Artificially Inseminated?

In most cases, "YES", French Bulldogs have to be artificially inseminated. There are rare cases where male and female Frenchies have been able to successfully mate on their own. If you are very conversant with the French Bulldog breed, you'll understand there are very simple and obvious reasons why French Bulldogs generally cannot mate on their own.

Why French Bulldogs Have to be Artificially Inseminated

Bulldogs are a man made breed and quite frankly they are anatomically incorrect when it comes to mating. Not only can the male genitals “not reach” the females’, often the females’ anatomy is such that her vulva is set very high up on her body. Our experience has been that when we allow the males to attempt a free breed they generally become exhausted, overheated and will even vomit from the strain, all in all, it just isn't worth the health or well being of an expensive champion male, like Frenchies.

So, Are There Alternatives to French Bulldogs Artificial Insemination?

If you meticulously read through this preceding paragraph, you'd have apparently glanced through some answers as to whether there are alternatives to French Bulldog Artificial Insemination. The point is, there's always an alternative, and the most common is to naturally mate and the male being able to ejaculate into the female for reproduction to naturally occur. This, we have answered unequivocally that French Bulldogs can't mate on their own, so agreeably artificial insemination is the only answer.

In the final analysis, French Bulldogs are a rare breed of dogs that are very special almost in all respects; from the method of conception, throughout their lifetime. This cute little pet stands on a class of its own from all other types of dogs, and YES, this is one of the reasons why we love French Bulldogs, they are special in respects.

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