Do French bulldog bark a lot? Tips to stop barking in French bulldogs

Do French bulldog bark a lot? Tips to stop barking in French bulldogs

French Bulldogs are widely recognized as one of the gentlest breeds of all dog breeds. They are known to be patient, affectionate, and loving towards children, the elderly, and pets. They have a quite gentle demeanor and don’t bark a lot. However, it doesn’t mean that Frenchies don’t bark there are many instances in which Frenchie can’t stop barking. Here in this blog, we will discuss why French bulldog bark a lot and tips to stop barking in French bulldogs.

When do French bulldog bark a lot?

If your dog is barking a lot, try to figure out what he's trying to tell you by observing him closely and listening closely for clues as to why he's barking. You may notice that he barks more at certain times of the day or in certain places. If so, try going through your daily routine while paying attention to the times when your dog barks the most—it may help you figure out what triggers his behavior and how to avoid it! Here are some common causes:


If your French bulldog is barking while you're not home, they might be bored and looking for something to do. Try giving them more toys or treats to keep them occupied.

Separation anxiety:

If your French bulldog barks when you leave the house, they may have separation anxiety and need more attention from you when you come home to help them feel less stressed.


If your French bulldog barks when someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, they may just be barking at the sound. You can try leaving treats near the door so that when someone knocks or rings the bell, your dog will associate it with getting food and stop barking!


French bulldog barking due to fear is a common problem. If your dog is barking at the door and won't stop, that's probably fear-based barking.

Frenchie bark when they're afraid of something. They may be afraid of what they hear outside, or they might just be nervous in general. Some dogs even bark because they're scared of the people who live in their homes! It can be hard to spot the difference between a normal bark and a fearful one, especially if you're not sure what to listen for.

Territorial behavior

This means your French bulldog is trying to protect his or her territory (like inside your house) from other animals or people who enter their territory. Territorial behavior can be triggered by unfamiliar people, other animals (including cats), loud noises, or other triggers that make your dog feel threatened or uncomfortable.

Tips to stop barking in French bulldogs

While it's true that barking is a natural behavior for French bulldogs, it can be frustrating to hear your dog barking when you're trying to sleep, or when you're out of the house and want him to be quiet. If you are trying to train your Frenchie not to bark, there are a few things you can do:

Physical stimulation

If you've got a French bulldog that barks a lot, it might be time to give him some physical stimulation. The reason French bulldogs bark is because they want something, or they're trying to communicate with you or another dog. Often, they bark because they're bored and need more exercise, but sometimes it can be more complicated than that.

If your Frenchie is barking, try giving him a chew toy or playing fetch with him. Suction Frenchie tug toy provides excellent physical stimulation for your pup. It helps in overcoming boredom and anxiety in your pup.

You can easily attach one side of the suction toy to the wall and your pup will enjoy playing with it.

 If he still barks after getting some exercise and attention, try playing with him more often and for longer periods of time throughout the day.

Mental stimulation

If you're having trouble keeping your French bulldog from barking, it might be time to give him some mental stimulation.

French bulldogs who are bored or lacking in stimulation will often get into trouble by barking, digging, chewing, or otherwise expressing their boredom by misbehaving. If you want to stop your dog from barking, give him more things to do, and make sure he has enough space to do them in.

You can also consider getting your Frenchie involved with agility training or other sports. Doing this will help keep him active and reduce his boredom.

Ignore barking

If you're seeing a lot of attention-seeking behavior in your dog, it's time to stop the barking. Before you do anything else, you should make sure that you're not reinforcing the barking. If your dog is barking and you give them attention, they will continue to bark. Instead of giving them attention when they bark, try ignoring their behavior entirely. If your dog barks again, ignore them until they stop barking on their own.

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Train to stop barking

If you’re looking to train your French bulldog to stop barking, there are a few things you can do. First, set up a command for them to bark on command. For example, “woof” or “speak”. Next, practice this command with your dog every day until they know what it means.

Next, when you see your French bulldog start barking at something in the distance (or even nearby), say their command and give them a treat when they stop barking. After a few of these sessions, it should be easy for them to stop barking when they hear their command because they know that doing so will earn them a tasty treat!


Barking is one of the main concerns for pet owners whose Frenchies are indoors all day. Dogs will bark to alert you of something, or simply to get attention! This article provides some tips on how to train your French bulldog not to bark as much. In order to control barking, you first have to identify why your dog barks.

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