You know Frenchies are our cool friends, and nothing can be truer than that. There's unconditional love and pure joy that this little cutie brings to us, that's why they are among the most popular breed around the world. Even though French Bulldogs may be stubborn in nature, Frenchies are very clever with an absolute sense of humor.

A French Bulldog owner should take some time to carefully understand how susceptible Frenchies are to gastrointestinal issues and might vomit more often than other species of dogs.

French Bulldog Nausea and Vomiting

There are a number of reasons why your beloved Frenchie might vomit. You'll also learn what you can do as a Frenchie Mom or Dad from the following paragraphs.

1) Food Allergies:

French Bulldogs have a sensitive stomach, hence, they are allergic to different kinds of food. Some of these allergies they may already have before you acquired them, while they may still develop other allergies over time, including becoming allergic to foods that they had been taking in the past.

One of the symptoms of Food Allergy in French Bulldogs is regular vomiting after a meal and severe diarrhea. Others are:

  1. Itchy skin
  2. Infection inside the ear cavity
  3. Loss of fur and shine among the dogs
  4. Nails being covered with lines of food deposition
  5. Watery eyes

As a Frenchie Mom or Dad, you should be attentive to your fur baby and be able to notice when they start showing any of these symptoms so that you can keep a closer watch over foods they are eating. And, if the symptoms persist, the best advice is to visit the Vet as quickly as you can.

2). Fast and Improper Drinking and Eating:

If your French Bulldog is one of those in the habit of rushing their meal rather than eating slowly, he might be running the risk of harming themselves and their digestive system. The reason this may happen is that they inhale more air while eating in a haste, which stresses the intestine and then results in vomiting.

Some people recommend giving your Frenchie small quantities of food, but at regular intervals in order not to leave them hungry after eating, but that will make stressed out feeding your Frenchie every minute of the day. At Frenchie Shop, we know that technology has provided better solutions than that. So, we recommend you get SLOW FEEDER BOWL or AUTOMATIC FRENCHIE FEEDER. There are other ones like the SMART FRENCHIE FOOD FEEDER and IQ TREAT BALL INTERACTIVE FOOD EGG. There are also similar technological tools for drinking water specifically manufactured to measure and gauge how much food your consumes and keep them from harming themselves and their digestive system.

3). Several Esophageal Problems and Other Disorders:

Beyond the above, there are several other issues you can encounter as a Frenchie Owner, let's look at a few below and how you can handle them.

  1. Vascular Ring:

Vascular Ring is assumed to be hereditary, but it usually occurs at first as a result of improper breeding of the species. This is mainly a congenital flaw which occurs due to the presence of aortic arch on the right which is usually lost while the fetus develops. The aortic arch which should have been lost creates a ring along the esophagus thereby tightening it, thus food is harder to pass through. These type of rings aren’t that popular among French bulldogs, but awareness of these disorders helps when required. One of the symptoms of this disorder in French Bulldogs is regular vomiting, which usually starts a few months after birth.

It is a treatable disorder, so if you noticed this symptom in your Frenchie, you should visit a Veterinarian to help you with oxygen supplements and doing antibiotics. In severe cases, the doctor might suggest surgery in order to repair vascular entrapment.


2. Esophagitis:

Food Allergy or acid Reflux in French Bulldog if not handled properly can further develop into Esophagitis. Esophagitis is an inflammation, which occurs in the Esophagus. Some of the symptoms of this disorder are:

  • Excess Coughing
  • Sudden weight  loss
  • Constant Drooling
  • Sudden loss in appetite and disdain for food
  • Avoiding lying down
  • Unusual movements
  • Pain in its back and neck
  • Pain while eating

If you noticed this disorder in your Frenchie, seek proper Vet's guidance, with proper medication and dieting, it can be treated. Some of the meal courses you may adopt are foods with high carbs and low-fat contents, minimal protein, and completely avoid feeding him food he is allergic to. You can also go for antacids. In severe cases of Esophagitis, Veterinarian opt for an operation to install a balloon Catheter to narrow down the Oesophagus walls.


3. Megaesophagus:

When the passage of food from the mouth to the stomach during digestion (a peristaltic activity) is hindered, it gives rise to a specific kind of dilation known as megaesophagus. This is a critical signal that your French Bulldog's Oesophagus is weak and can no longer push foods through to the stomach, causing the food to remain in the esophagus, hence the term, "Megaesophagus".  In most cases, this disorder is hereditary, and there's no known cure for it. But the good thing is that this disorder doesn't normally occur in the early life of a Frenchie that has inherited it, but pretty much when they are old. If this ever happens to your French Bulldog, what you should do is to manage it by making sure that your Frenchie is put in a proper posture while eating and let him live his life out.


4. Hiatal Hernia:

This is a critical disorder where there is an opening inside the diaphragm called the "Esophageal Hiatus". The esophagus hiatus is a path where the esophagus passes to enter into the stomach. This condition might occur where there is an occurrence of two things simultaneously, or there is a sphincter in the lower esophageal regions.

Other reasons that might detect the cause of hiatal hernia in French Bulldogs are if a part of the stomach bulges into the esophagus cavity, or there are an unwanted protrusion and elongation of the esophagus. Further complications might occur when the stomach pushes into the para-esophageal sac.

Generally, you should seek the guidance of a trusted Veterinarian. Sometimes, it might require a surgery to fix, other times you may only need to use anti-inflammatory drugs only, which reduces inflammation in the walls of the esophagus. However, if you are using anti-inflammatory drugs to treat Hiatal Hernia, you should have it at the back of your mind that it is only a temporary treatment, surgery is always final.

That's it!. We have just explained some of the most critical causes of French Bulldog Vomiting.  This piece would not be complete if we did not tell you how you can Treat your little cutie when he/she is sick.


The type of treatment you give to your Dog would depend upon the state your dog is in. For instance, if the dog is mildly sick, a Frenchie Mom or Dad might experiment with diets most suitable for their French bulldog.

If the sickness is some Gastric issues, you may better go by way of serving foods like boiled rice and chicken. Frenchie Disorders such as allergies would require you sticking to one safe diet for your dog. In any case, ensure that you take advice from the vet before fixing such a diet. And, it is important that you sincerely follow any guidance and advice given by the vet.

Again, do not diagnose and medicate your dog without proper guidance, especially in severe cases. One should offer their utmost love and care for their French bulldogs as they are often tired and drained out after vomiting.

We must advise that "Prevention is Better than Cure" because unlike other Dogs, French Bulldogs are a modified or rather a modern species, which rose due to cross breeding. This makes it a very beautiful and a loveable dog but not without some complexities which you must manage. Hence, Veterinary guidance should always be taken seriously for them and one must be attentive to how their pet behaves and reacts to every type of treatment.

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Tiene dos años y vomita cada vez que come. Que hacer es amorosa y con energía .Solo come su comida y se le da dos veces al día y en una taza especial para controlar su rapidez al comer

Mercedes Perez

Thank you! You’re advice was helpful.

Candace Barber

Thank you for your article it has help me a lot to take care of my beautiful little boy He is a frenchie

Jan Byrne

Thank you so much for the informative article. We have two Boston Terriers and adopted a precious little French Bulldog that is deaf. Sometimes she gets into their food (even though I have it in a separate room gated off) and then gets diarrhea. The article is very helpful and all helps me to better understand our precious little girl.


Very helpful – thank you

Diane Henderson

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