Autumn, also known as fall, is one of the four temperate seasons which usually marks the transition from summer to winter and leaves its prints in the atmosphere. One of the major features in the autumn season is the shedding of leaves from mostly deciduous trees due to poor lighting and inability to consume chlorophyll for that green effect. It is also a season when the duration of daylight suddenly gets shorter and the temperature drops from 1000 to 00 which creates a need for thicker sweaters. A remarkable time in autumn is the celebration of festivities such as Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. 

The autumnal change comes with few risks and challenges for your French Bulldog. The climatic change associated with the autumn temperate can trigger allergies for French bulldogs, the same way it affects humans. These reactions may take the form of skin rashes or sneezing and discharge from the nose, uneasiness which leads to aggression due to discomfort. 

We all know that autumn comes with a melancholic effect of unpleasant weather and it is our duty to guard our French bulldogs against being exposed to the weather conditions. Let’s talk about some of the usual natural occurrences of the autumnal change that poses a threat to the safety of the French bulldog with safety tips on keeping them alive.

The change that comes with the new season comes with its own challenges lurking outside.

Autumnal change comes with great fun especially with the color change in leaves which creates a beautiful sight better experienced outdoors than peeping through the window with loved ones. You can decide to take your french bulldog with you, I mean, who would want to be left out from the fun of basking in nature’s beauty.

Taking the dog along as your company especially when you live alone without a loved one comes with a lot of responsibilities and it is advisable that you ensure that the dog does not sniff out things lying on its own in between the leaves.

During this period, nature holds up her own challenges to the dog’s safety. It may come in the form of new vegetation sprouting out and blossoming in its season or potentially dangerous creatures such as snakes warming up in their homes.

Another hazard that needs to be avoided is the horse chestnut tree which produces a fruit popularly known as “conkers”. Conkers contain a poisonous chemical called aescin which causes paralysis and sometimes lead to vomiting. Smaller dogs are at greater risk from ingesting one or two conkers as opposed to larger dogs that suffer severe poisoning when they consume several portions of conkers. Symptoms include diarrhea, intestinal obstruction, abdominal pain, salivation, loss of appetite for food and excessive drinking.

Another deadly creature that enjoys the warmth of the cold weather is the snake. In the autumn period, snakes thrive better slithering through dead leaves and trees waiting for its prey. This looks like a dangerous time to allow our dogs to be left alone in the woods either fetching a ball that was thrown at a long-distance or on a pursuit of its own. No matter the circumstance, it is advisable to keep your dog within sight and go with it to retrieve any lost item, the more the merrier. 

Consequently, it is advisable to contact a veterinarian in a situation where your dog might have swallowed a conker. Also, an immediate trip to the vets is advisable to preserve the life of your dog when he has been bitten by a snake.  Also, using long neck chains would help to keep the dog at bay and within your watch so that you are able to curtail its movement and prevent it from wandering off on a wild goose chase. This is compulsory regardless of the fact that you hate wearing the chain on its neck and the level of training it has undergone to be able to follow your voice and detect the harshness in your tone when you are displeased with his/her behavior.                                                                                                                                  


Away from basking in the euphoria of the autumn season, you are excited about Halloween and cannot wait to try your hands on new scary outfits and decorations but first, you need to put your house in order and you’ve been having a hard time killing the troubling rodents and pests that co-habit in your space.    

You decide to make a last attempt at keeping a clean environment free from the hassles of rodents and pests: a few stray mothballs that fall out when you pull out your sweater from the wardrobe, sprays of pesticides here and there in search of fleas and ticks and other flying insects, rodent poisons placed at strategic positions from your study will go a long way to help you recover your house from the invaders. However, these minor exercises of revamping your home can cause your dog major health hazards. This is because they have more access to things lying on the floor and lack the ability to decipher between harmful and harmless items. To prevent an outbreak, it is advisable to clean the floors and rid the house of any harmful waste that is likely to be consumed by the dogs instead of the rodents after you are done with your exercise. Also, wipe the paws of the dog when you notice it might have gone to the area where you placed the poisonous items.

Furthermore, you may decide to decorate your home with fancy objects you fell in love with at the shopping mall. It is okay to try new things especially if it creates a new touch to your home. In celebrating Halloween and the holiday festivities, ensure that your dog is not exposed to chewing your fancy decoration items. You must place them on high stands where they may not find it easy to locate.

In the spirit of friendship and celebration, you may decide to let her in on your menu because you are lonely and looking for a way to bond with anything with life in it. Avoid trying new recipes for your dogs such as grapes and raisins, chocolate bars and cake, alcohol, mince pies, fatty foods, candy, peanuts, and macadamia nuts. These are harmful and pose as a threat to their wellbeing.


The weather is cold and you insert antifreeze in your automobile as a coolant. Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol which can be poisonous when ingested, it may be hazardous to your dog especially when you both decide to go on a ride. Keep it low because of the dog.

It is advisable that you provide adequate warmth and shelter for your dog to protect him/her from the stings of the cold weather. Ill-fitted outfits should be avoided no matter how cute it may look, it is better to buy clothes that give them enough room to breathe, allows the free movement of their limbs and provide air space to their ears even when they are covered. Also, find bedding products that give a fluffy feeling, this helps to keep the dog warm throughout the night.


The tail pocket is located somewhere in between the tail and above the anus. It is quite hidden and deep and oftentimes can get dirty, damp and prone to infections with yeast or bacteria. Constant cleaning of that area includes using pet wipes or a damp paper towel to remove dirt, thereafter apply a recommended nappy rash cream and powder either baby powder or medicated powder will help to maintain safety from infection. The cold autumn weather will cause the tail pocket area to remain dry at all times, hence the need to keep the area clean.


Autumn is a period which everyone anticipates because of the perks it brings notwithstanding the peskiness of the weather. However, it is a period when you need to pay more attention to your French bulldog and keep it safe from the harshness of the cold temperature. At this time lookout for signs of strained breathing and have a vet examine it even though it sounds so trivial; you might end up saving your companion/best friend’s life.

Additionally, the nutritional cravings of your French bulldog increase during this period. Ensure that he/she feeds well and drinks warm water; overstayed water in his/her water trough should be discarded as it can easily become icy depending on the weather clime in your location.

Play it safe with your French bulldog and bask in the ecstasy that comes with the Fall.

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