Are French Bulldogs easy to potty train?

Are French Bulldogs easy to potty train?

One of the biggest tasks every dog owner should learn how to undertake is how to potty train his or her French bulldog. It is definitely not the easiest thing to do, potty training your French bulldog can be very challenging but it is also not a – ‘mission impossible.’ French bulldogs are the smartest of the bulldog breeds, this also implies that your Frenchie can most easily grab your potty training lessons better than other bulldog breeds – so, yes,we found that French bulldogs are easy to potty train if you know how to potty train a French bulldogs. In this article, apart from giving you the basis of our finding that French bulldogs are easy to potty train, we’ll go over some tips, tricks and techniques of how to potty train a French bulldog, as well as give you the list of things you need.

Generally, French bulldogs are a clean breed, thus, it naturally shouldn’t take too long to teach him some cleanliness and acceptable behaviour. Research has shown that French bulldogs are often not reliably potty-trained until they are around 5 to 6 months of age. That’s a fairly long time to keep going over the same lessons, but it is established now that there is light at the end of the tunnel, uh? – Even with an expected deadline – feels good! You just need to be patient, create a schedule and be very consistent too.

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Tricks and Techniques

  • First, you must have a schedule for your Frenchie. Schedule his eating time and potting time.
  • Potty training a French bulldog requires regular supervision to be effective, if you cannot supervise your Frenchie during the period of the training, it is best to confine him to a particular area of the house.
  • Following your supervisory efforts, you need to be very observant too, observe little signs that show your Frenchie wants to potty – signs like sniffing around, restlessness, or whining. Little barks can also be a sign that your friend (Frenchie) wants to potty.
  • One of the fundamental things you must achieve in the training process is making sure that he understands the “go potty” command early enough during the potty training period, in fact, you should start from the first day of the training to give this command.
  • A best practice to making him easily understand the “go potty command” is to create a habit of taking out on a leash and bringing back to the same spot where the potty is located every time. This will facilitate his mastery of the go potty command.

Are there items you would need to potty train a French bulldog and make the process easier?

Absolutely yes, there are a number of items you need during the period of potty training a French bulldog, these items will go a long way in making the process easier for you and also enhance the learning ability of your dear friend.

  1. You need to get a Crate or a designate a small area of the house for potting
  2. Rags
  • Enzymatic cleaner
  1. Toys
  2. Treats
  3. Leash

Following these tips, there is really nothing so difficult in potty training a French bulldog. There are things you don’t want to do while potty training a French bulldog also, else you will ruin the entire process. We’ll talk about how to potty train a French bulldog in more details subsequently.

A lot of people have really done a good job in passing the notion that it is very difficult to potty train a French bulldog, we don’t believe them to be true. Rather we think that the challenges are normal in every kind of training process, even in training a human being to master an unusual practice and live by it subconsciously. Potty training a French bulldog can be considered to be easy, though not the easiest thing, because Frenchies are very smart, they understand the use of reward and punishment, and are naturally out to please. It is in the nature of a French bulldog to be human companion, this is also why Frenchies are not the very dirty type –so potty training is just an enhancement of who they are naturally, there is nothing spectacular.

Note that if you make the potty train period a very fun moment for your friend, he would want to play all the time, and this will make him really happy, but then you would be creating a longer period of the training process for yourself, or your Frenchie may never learn anything, these are outcomes you don’t want.

In a nutshell, answering your question, are French bulldogs easy to potty train? The answer is YES. If you think otherwise, hit the comment box and engage us with your reasons.

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We received our Frenchy at 8 weeks old. He was housebroken in a week and a half. He is so smart and loving. He is stubborn, unlike any dogs I have had in the past, so I have read a lot on their habits and tips for training him. When he won’t come when I call him, I shut the door on him and leave him alone for about 10 seconds. He is ready to listen after that. He does not like being left alone. We are retired and are pretty much home with him all the time. He does have a crate that he sleeps in at night, and a play pen for the day when I cannot supervise him or just need a break. I did have to get gorilla beds for his crate and playpen because he destroys the soft pads. For the most part he is a wonderful puppy and very well behaved, but he is still a puppy and has his moments. But he is so adorable with his mannerisms it makes up for his missteps. Constancy is the key, but we do plan to have a professional trainer in a few months. I have fallen so in love with him.


This is absolutely true. Housebreaking a frenchie or any puppy for that matter is 100 percent dependent on the owner. When your frenchie goes in the house it is YOUR fault and not the puppy. I started crate training and did not use puppy pads, treats, leash and a good cleaner.
Thank you for writing this article!


Cecilia, how is your Frincie’s potty training going now? We have a 7 week old frenchie and for the past 10 days, the only thing i have been doing is cleaning us poop. I know she is too young, but she is also very stubborn. No amount if pleading or scolding works.


I’m sorry but this post is not true to form.
There is nothing easy or straightforward about potty training a French Bulldog as by nature, they are very temperamental animals.
If they are not chewing their pads, they eat their own poo which is what I’m assuming you mean by them being clean animals.
Where some days my 5 month old may go on her puppy pad, to other days where she is eating her own poo and tearing up her puppy pads which shows no consistency.

N Antoniou

Our frenchie is 6 months old today and still isn’t potty trained. we’ve followed basically everything here. So infuriating. i think ill stick to cats next time.


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