8 Tips to Keep Your Frenchie's Joints Young

8 Tips to Keep Your Frenchie's Joints Young

Joint problem is very common in aging dogs. Just like humans, the wear and tear of lifetime use can not only cause injury but also tension in joints. This can be the cause of arthritis. However, like all other dogs, Frenchies are also prone to joint issues as they age. If you want to make sure that your Frenchie enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle then it’s important that you should start taking care of their joints to keep them young. In this guide, we will go through strategies and tips to keep your Frenchie joints healthy for many years to come.

Understanding the Importance of Joint Health

Before we look at the tips and tricks to take care of your Frenchie joint health it's first important to understand the importance of joint health. Joint plays a very important role in the good health of your dog. They help your pup to move and enable them to jump, run, and play with joy. When joint health worsens, it will cause discomfort and it will lead to reduced mobility, discomfort, and decrease the quality of life of your furry companion. To prevent these problems and to keep your Frenchie joints young follow the tips below:

Provide a Balanced Diet

A good diet is the basis of good health, especially joint health. Make sure your Frenchie diet consists of age-appropriate and high-quality dog food. Look for the options that have essential nutrients like chondroitin and glucosamine, which promote joint health. These compounds also help in maintaining the cartilage that helps in reducing inflammation and improving the overall function of joints.

Don’t overfeed your French bulldog as extra weight can cause strain on your joints. Obesity is the main cause of joint problems so it’s important to control their food portion. It’s best to consult your vet and check a feeding plan according to the size, age, and activity level.

Keep Your Frenchie Active

Regular exercise is also necessary to maintain healthy and strong joints in French bulldogs. Take your Frenchie for a daily stroll that is appropriate for their age and fitness level. Playtime, short walks, and interactive games are excellent ways for the good health of joints.

However, keep in mind that to not put pressure on your Frenchie as extra exercise can be the cause of injury and joint strains. Select the exercises according to the needs of your Frenchie and keep an eye on their comfort level and physical activity.

Joint Supplements

Adding supplements to the daily routine of your French bulldog can be very beneficial especially when your French bulldog is getting old. Chondroitin and glucosamine are available in different forms and they reduce the risk of arthritis and support joint health and other joint-related problems.

However, it’s important to consult your vet before starting any supplement in the daily diet of your dog that is appropriate according to their age and activities.

Choose Joint-Friendly Activities

Not all activities are good for pups that are suffering from joint health problems. Select those exercises and activities that have a very gentle impact on their joint. Swimming is an excellent choice as it gives your dog a full-body workout without causing extra stress on their joint. Puzzle toys and mental stimulation games are also great things to keep your pup active and engaged. IQ interactive treat ball egg is a good puzzle toy that is also a great source of mental stimulation.

You just have to add a treat to the ball and let your pup play with it. You can also adjust the difficulty level of the toy to make the toy more interesting.

Regular Veterinary Check-Ups

Prevention is key to everything especially when it comes to joint health. Sign up for regular veterinary checkups and ask your vet to check for the overall health including their joints. Your vet is the person who can detect the signs of joint problems and provide proper recommendations.

Provide a Comfortable Environment

Give your Frenchie a joint-friendly and comfortable environment. Make sure they have a soft and supportive bed where your pup can rest without having any pressure on their joints. Keep their water and food bowls at an elevated level so there will be no strain on their spine or neck when they are eating.

Additionally, get a non-slippery mat for slippery floors and prevent your pup from getting on any places where they can fall and suffer from joint injuries. Providing a comfortable space is the best way to protect your pup.

Gentle Massage and Physical Therapy

Physical therapy and regular massages are ways to reduce tension and improve the flexibility of muscles. These practices are very good for senior dogs who have ongoing joint issues. Also, consult your vet or animal therapist to learn some new techniques for at-home therapy and massage sessions.

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Consider Surgical Options

In some of the cases, surgical interventions are very important as they are necessary to address joint issues and injuries. Your vet will assess the situation and discuss the available options like joint replacement or orthopedic surgeries. Always weigh the risks and benefits with your vet before making a decision.


Maintaining the joint health of your Frenchie is a great way to make sure that they will enjoy a vibrant and active lifestyle. If you give your Frenchie regular exercise, a balanced diet, supplements, and a comfortable living space then it's important to keep their joints young and resilient. Early interventions, regular check-ups with your veterinarian, and a keen eye for any signs of joint problems are crucial aspects of joint health maintenance.


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