8 Must have Halloween Gifts and Accessories for Your French bulldog

8 Must have Halloween Gifts and Accessories for Your French bulldog

It's that time of year again. Masks are being painted, costumes are being stitched and slippers are being worn. Yes, it's Halloween again and you know that your little furry friend will be running around with the kids, knocking on your door, and eating all that candy you bought.

So why not give him his costume? He'll look cuter than the kids and you are guaranteed to get some likes. You can find a great range of Halloween accessories for your French bulldogs in the market. Here we will tell you about the best gift and accessories for your French bulldogs.

Chucky Costume For French Bulldogs

Halloween Dog Costumes are an essential part of any successful Halloween event as we all know. The *Deadly* French bulldog Halloween costume features a creepy, yet cute look and includes a matching headpiece. With possibilities like a ghost or grim reaper or something even more terrifying, it's the best way to make your dog the talk of the neighborhood this Halloween.

These costumes are simple to put on and take off. The velcro straps and ribbon ties allow for worry-free and easy wear. The costume is so lightweight that they'll feel like they're hardly wearing anything at all!

Caribbean Pirate Halloween Costume For French Bulldog

This French bulldog costume is utterly hilarious and so do other pet owners. It gives your dog the appearance of wearing a Caribbean costume with this fun, creative design (for French bulldogs only).

Your furry friend will stand out among other pets this Halloween with these costumes that are made just for them. When viewed from the front, it looks like your little pooch is walking upwards using his front paws and arms to the side, making it appear as if he's been transformed into a human walking normally.

Halloween Dress

These Halloween costumes are the best way to prank friends and family without scaring them - because they aren't hurting anyone.

They look like something's going on in your Frenchie face but it isn't - it's just a trick! The front looks like blood is unstoppable dripping from your dog costume, but there is no such thing as "blunt force trauma" in this case, so don't worry about your dog getting hurt. He’ll still be able to party like a pup all night long thanks to the soft material he can wear comfortably.

Cowboy Costume for French bulldog

Our French bulldog isn't exactly a cowboy. Our French bulldog isn't exactly an expert at bull riding either. That said, he's probably a little bit more familiar with the country life than he is with the rodeo. But this Frenchie Cowboy costume is so much fun to wear that you can be certain that both your dog and his owner will love it.

It's permission to be playful and just have fun as though we're living out every country boy’s dream. We know that you'll love wearing this creative product to your Frenchie, especially because this exciting design covers them as real fellas do.

I am a Dogtor

We have always made sure to bring our French bulldogs to the vet when they get ill. But what about turning your pet into a doctor for Halloween? This Halloween costume is ideal because it's not only fun but practical.

It will turn your dog into a surgeon that's available to help everyone at the party. This costume comes with easy-to-wear accessories and a First aid box. This costume is approved not just by us, but by Meelo.

The Guitarist Halloween Custom

Everybody loves music at the party and no doubt your Frenchie also loves music. So what about making your Frenchie a guitarist on Halloween?

Your pooch will look just cute mixed up in the musical evening and sure make your party more colorful. You definitely won't be able to resist how they look, and it'll make their presence entirely more exciting.

Halloween time hoodie

You know how French bulldogs can be. They want to ride horses and run at the speed of light in their wheelie shoes so that their aging bones don't bother them when they get older. This dog zip-up hoodie not only clings to your pup's body nice and warm but has a comfortable opening on the upper back for dog harness users.

The sturdy velcro pocket located on the back will hold just about anything you need it to, like their health certificate for example. Although, we suggest adding some treats as an extra treat in case your four-legged friend gets hungry during his walk. For easy fit, there is a front zipper closure too.

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I am a Cowboy Costume

There are already plenty of festive festivities going on in different parts of the world and we certainly don't want to get left out. Now, you can celebrate Halloween this year by wearing your Frenchie this cowboy dog costume.

A cowboy costume is an ideal costume at a Halloween party while the French bulldog wearing the cowboy outfit makes it even cuter. The cowboy dog costume comes complete with a hat that makes dogs look even cuter than they already are. The cowboy dog costume is funny, cozy, and very warm!


Wearing a Halloween costume for dogs can be a really fun activity for both you and your pup. After all, who doesn’t want to dress up as superman, even if it’s just for Halloween? Your dog is sure to love it! If you’re still unsure about what to wear your French bulldog this Hallowee visit Frenchie shop for exciting costumes. We hope you enjoyed our blog about Halloween costumes for dogs. If you're looking for that perfect costume for your dog, then you came to the right place. When it comes to costumes for dogs, there is something for everyone. Your dog may love dressing up in a costume for Halloween






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