8 French bulldog clothes you need right now

8 French bulldog clothes you need right now

One of the best perks of having a frenchie companion is the chance to dress them up in cute seasonal outfits and dresses for various seasons and various occasions. At Frenchie shop we have light, breezy spring and summer wear that will keep your bulldog in the height of fashion as he shows off his various moods – happy & carefree, cool & trendy, smart & preppy, cool & reserved or all business.

For the cooler seasons we have a multitude warm outfits in voguish designs that will protect your beloved frenchie from the elements while still showcasing his innate sense of style in the Autumn or Winter months.

With their small build and cute faces Frenchies always look adorable; with the right clothes and accessories they are even more delightfully charming.

You can not only add to the comfort of your French bulldog but also up their adorability with these clothing selections for all your frenchie’s needs and moods -

1.Frenchie Skull shirt for summer – For the cool and trendy frenchie

Frenchie Skull shirt for summer

Is it bright and sunny outside?

When the sun is shining bright your frenchie will definitely enjoy the outdoors on a nice walk with you. Why not indulge him and take him out outfitted in this popular skull shirt from Frenchie shop? It is super swanky and your frenchie will love it.

Made with 100% cotton this cool and chic shirt keeps your frenchie comfortable while looking smart and modish. Bring out the innate style of your French bulldog with this must have shirt in black or white.

This is ideal wear for the spring and summer seasons.

2.Not my fault hoodie – For an irresistibly adorable frenchie

Not my fault hoodie

Is your frenchie in a cuddly mood, wanting to snuggle by your side and stay warm?

Here is a hoodie that turns your super cute frenchie irresistibly adorable.

With button ears and full leg coverage this hoodie boosts the charm factor of your frenchie while keeping him warm in cool weather.  It is ideal wear for the autumn or winter months. It covers your bulldog from head to paws giving full protection keeping him protected from the cooler weather.

3.Frenchie Waterproof winter jacket – Keep your frenchie stylishly warm

Frenchie Waterproof winter jacket

When it’s raining, lightly snowing or simply too cold, you can still take your friendly frenchie out for a walk with these stylish waterproof jackets from Frenchie shop.

Suit your beloved French bulldog in the height of fashion and boldly take him out no matter the weather. This polyester winter jacket will shield your loved frenchie companion from the worst of the cold weather as he enjoys your company outdoors. This wonderfully patterned jacket is available in blue, pink or grey to suit your frenchie’s unique tastes.

4.Frenchie Baseball Jacket – For the ardent sports fan

Frenchie Baseball Jacket

Is your frenchie an ardent sports fan? Does he join you as you toast your team and cheer them at every game? Then do we have the right clothes for your frenchie as he cheers on with you.

Your frenchie can show the world his/her passion for the baseball games with these 100% cotton, breathable all season baseball jackets in red or navy blue. When you head to the stadium or watch a game in the comfort of your home, outfit your frenchie in style and let him enjoy the games with you.

5.Frenchie Winter Jacket – To stay dashing yet warm

Frenchie Winter Jacket

Is the cold weather bothering your frenchie? Does he still want to play but is too cold to be comfortable?

Here is a fashionable solution that will keep your frenchie sung and warm in winter - a 100% solid cotton jacket, available in blue and grey. The cotton is breathable and of solid enough build to shield your frenchie and keep him toasty warm in the coldest of climes.

Have fun with your frenchie despite the cold and watch him enjoy the outdoors. Do remember to keep your bulldogs’ paws warm though for this jacket does not cover your frenchie’s legs.

6.Frenchie Winter Coat – For those cold winter months

Frenchie Winter Coat

When the weather turns from warm to cold, your frenchie can still enjoy his time outdoors with this thick cotton winter coat from Frenchie shop.

The stylish fur tipped coat adds comfort and warmth to your frenchie during the cold weather. It’s eye-catchingly beautiful while still utilitarian enough to keep your beloved bulldog toasty warm in the cold autumn and winter months. It is made of 100% cotton and is available in grey, yellow or green to suit your frenchie’s tastes and innate style.

7.Frenchie Simpson hoodie – When your frenchie is feeling cheerful, comical and impish

Frenchie Simpson hoodie

Is your frenchie feeling playful and sunny? Showcase his cheer in this bright yellow hoodie designed with Simpson characters. It brightens those cold winter months, bringing a smile to all those who see your frenchie in this warm hoodie. It is made with 100% breathable cotton, that is soft on the skin while shielding your frenchie from the chill.

It’s made of pure cotton and warms your frenchie keeping him in good spirits in the cooler seasons of autumn and winter.

8.Frenchie Ties – When your frenchie is feeling serious and smart

Frenchie Ties

Does your frenchie look like he’s about to impart his wisdom? Is he shooting you looks that is all business? Then here is a selection of ties with basic collars for your preppy Frenchie.

Choose from this wide range of ties to go with each of your frenchie’s different moods. At Frenchie shop we have ties with stripes, ties with dots, ties with rhombus designs and more cute designs that will suit your frenchie’s style and tastes.

This is just a glimpse of the various clothes we have for your frenchie at Frenchies shop. Our entire catalogue is a lot more comprehensive catering to a myriad range of tastes. We have more seasonal dresses and outfits that will meet all your needs and your individual sense of style. You can pick and choose clothes and accessories that will keep your frenchie sheltered and comfortable and in the first state of fashion throughout the year.

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