7 Best Summer Accessories for French Bulldogs

7 Best Summer Accessories for French Bulldogs

With summertime comes the hot weather for many of us. And if you have a Frenchie, you know that hot weather can mean many things. It can mean more fun for your dog to be outdoors and more time for you to spend with your dog. But it can also mean more damage to your dog's skin. Your dog could get sunburned, they could get dehydrated, could get heatstroke, could get infections, and many other things. This blog post will be a quick list of things you can do to make sure your dog has a fun and safe summer.

1. Summer Time Shirt

Pet owners want the best for their pet and so many are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their animal is taken care of. Your pet can stay cool and comfortable in the summer when wearing a summertime shirt designed for this purpose.

A proper type of clothing for dogs can be hard to find but this shirt carries just the thing: a dog shirt that will protect them from the harmful rays of the sun and keep them looking stylish at the same time; it's practical, chic, and has fun buckles that make your dog want to wear it more often. ​So, let your dog enjoy the sun while they wear the Summertime Shirt on a warm day.

2. Breathable Harness for Summer

Before you can head out on a walk with your beloved French bulldog, make sure you’re sporting an easy-to-use harness that’s been crafted from breathable air mesh materials. This flexible design will keep your dog comfortable no matter what season it is at the time or how long you decide to spend outside. Whether you’ve got a small French bulldog or one that weighs more., there are options available from strap measuring.

There are also shoulder options to choose from including narrow, medium, and wide for extra adjustability on your dog's chest throughout their journey with you. And don't forget about the closure system! Here, the design utilizes strong hook and loop fasteners for secure attachment to both D-rings when walking outside.

3. Summer cooling pad

We’re finally seeing those sweltering temperatures that many of us have been waiting for! It’s important to be extra cautious when caring for our four-legged friends during these hot humid days. Dogs are unable to cool themselves like humans and will only worsen as the temperature rises. Thankfully there’s a new breed of cooling pads available for dogs.

Typically this bed is filled with gel to keep them cool throughout the day by absorbing heat from the animal's body. The most important thing to remember before purchasing your dog a cooling pad is that they do not directly take the sun. It will typically take a four-legged friend a few days to get used to their new pad, but after that point, they'll love problem-free bliss while lounging on their air conditioning system.

4. Frenchie Summer Dress Floral Design

Our 100% pure cotton Frenchie summer dress is the perfect wear for your little one on a hot day or when they relax around the house. It's lightweight, sports a good elasticity that'll allow your Frenchie to move freely without any inhibitions, and it feels great on them. This brand-new floral cover-up has an ultra-soft feel that is gentle enough to be used by dogs with sensitive skin.

A fun design will have them stand out in the crowd and feel extra charming! Keep your Frenchie protected from harmful rays of the sun with this beautiful and ever so sweet-looking sun protection dog summer dress. Just watch your little love enjoy the summer breeze wearing this attire.

5. Fruit Print Frenchie Dress

Our Fruit Print Frenchie summer dress is made from 100% cotton fabric, it will keep your French bulldog both cool and comfortable while they wear it. It has a variety of different images of fruits on the dress that we know your pet is sure to enjoy.

The Breathable design will help your Pet not overheat in their outfit. This cute outfit will allow your Pet to be the center of attention whilst also giving them a fun and fantastic appearance to complement their wonderful personality.

The Fruit Print Frenchie Summer Dress will protect your Pet’s skin from direct sunlight during the summer months, while also being machine washable to make cleaning up after them easy. These accessories are crafted specifically with pets in mind and we are confident that your dog is going to love wearing our product.

6. Summer Cooling Vest        

The weather is always changing. Things that we typically do in winter may not be advised during summer, so naturally, it's important to pay attention to certain details like keeping pets safe from the heat.

The Summer Cooling Vest is an example of a pet accessory for French Bulldogs that provides easy relief without you having to worry about the well-being of your fur friend.

 7. Casual Frenchie Summer Dress

This new French Bulldog dress is made with premium cotton, ensuring your Frenchie experiences a soft and comfy time. There are adorable patterns printed on the dress, too! The pet clothing is loose and enables your dog to have an adventurous time, especially if it needs to use the bathroom frequently.

This particular design for French Bulldogs is above the hips when worn so your Frenchie still feels comfortable even when it sits down. The material of this dress is excellent and created with serious craftsmanship. This means you can wash it by hand or in the washing machine and dry it naturally – no iron necessary.

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Summer is a time for fun, but it can also be a time for French bulldogs to get a sunburn. Frenchies don’t realize that they can get sunburn too, but they can. If you live in a place that is hot or at least warm, you need to protect your French bulldog from the sun by providing them with the right accessories. Our blog post shares the best summer accessories for your French bulldog to protect them from the sun.

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