10 Dog Food Recipes Frenchie Owners Should Learn About

10 Dog Food Recipes Frenchie Owners Should Learn About

Tiny faces, bat-like ears and a range of small to medium sizes, these are the classical features of the French bulldogs. They are also seen to have bow-legged gait, characteristics snore, and goofy personality. These charming beautiful creatures are fun to be with and very easy to cater for. But when it comes to diet, everyone needs to get it right from the onset. Hence knowing the recipes is the best way to go by.

In this post, I will bring you a list of beautiful and perfect diet nutrition for your French Bulldogs. This will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing the best food for your French bulldog.

Several studies have placed the nutritional needs of adult bulldogs to be a minimum of 18% protein and 5% fate. Hence to maintain a healthy condition for your French bulldog, you will have to follow strictly, what is stated here. Smaller French Bulldogs have speedy metabolism; this implies that more and more calories are exhausted as the day go by. It, therefore, needs more calories per pound of the body weight than other giant breeds.

The right combination

Since you have come a proper understanding of your dog's feeding requirements, I will take you a bit further to know how these requirements work. I will show you just the right way to mix the nutrients to avoid any nutritional deficiency. You should do well to ensure that this listed pattern is adhered to strictly.

Firstly, you could have a mixture of wholesome grains and natural ingredients with the exemption of any by-products or artificial additives.

Secondly, you could stick with diets that are quite rich in lean protein and which are from very high-quality animal resources such as poultry and fish.

Lastly, you will need a moderate quantity of fat, but the fat diet should contain omega-3 fatty acids; this will help improve the skin of your French bulldog.

Here are the Recipes

1. Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe: this recipe is unique because it contains chicken raised on the farm. They are quite crucial because of the lean protein and the perfect level of fatty acid. This is an excellent choice for your French bulldog puppy.

2. Small and Medium Breed Puppy Formula: this recipe is okay because French dogs usually stand in the middle between small and medium breeds. It has 93% protein from the animal sources that it contains. Hence it is the perfect fit.

3. Valley Small Breed Grain-Free Recipe: this recipe is entirely loaded with proteins such as lamb, venison, and duck. It also has veggies and fresh fruits that can help boost the immunity and digestion of your French bulldog.

4. Small Breed Adult Recipe Dry Food: This has the right balance of protein and fresh fruits. It also has whole grains and several vegetables. This combination makes it a perfect dose that your French bulldog will love. Ensure it comes with lots of flavors.

5. Chicken and Brown Rice Protein First Recipe: you can opt-in for this recipe if your Bulldog has a high weight range. This will help control the weight. It contains real chicken as the source of protein.

6. Small Breed LID Adult Formula: Sometimes, your French bulldog can come down with several allergies, and this can affect the choice of recipe you use for it. You can use this as the best option for your Bulldog.

7. Brown Rice Small Breed Adult Formula: this recipe is formulated for bulldogs that are under 20 pounds. It will help improve the weight of your French bulldog and take it to a level that is just right for it. It has about 350 calories per cup.

8. Grain-Free reduced-fat Formula: you can use this recipe if you are concerned about your French bulldog becoming overweight, especially when it becomes older. This formula is the best because it is quite rich in protein but then deficient in calories and fat.

9. Brown Rice Small Breed Senior Recipe: this is a perfect option for senior dog food; the fresh chicken that features in this formula occurs as an ideal source of chondroitin and glucosamine supplements.

Senior Weight Management Recipe: this recipe is formulated for weight management and small breeds, and it has a mixture of protein and healthy fats from salmon, turkey, and duck.

With this list, you are sure to get the best for your French bulldog. And this can make the difference in having a happy French bulldog or a dog that has lost its energy.

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