French Bulldogs are a unique dog breed. So many facts underscore the uniqueness of French Bulldogs. Starting from the origin of this dog breed, to their physique, personality & Temperament, cosmological and environmental influences and lots more. Today, we are going to extrapolate 10 Fun Facts that make French Bulldogs Unique.

There are some fascinating tales about the Frenchie, some of these make them one of the most celebrated pets on earth, but you will not truly appreciate the popularity of French Bulldog which sterns from their uniqueness until you know some of these fun facts about Frenchies.

1. French Bulldog was a passenger on The Titanic in 1912 and was insured for $750, which was a large buck as at that time.

2. French Bulldogs do not do well in extreme weather conditions; whether hot or cold. They are found not survive for too long in extremely cold weather or in extremely hot weather.

3. They have a weight limit of 28Ibs and nothing more.

4. French Bulldogs Can't swim because of their top-heavy nature. However, Frenchie Bulldog item designers have created some swimming kits for French Bulldog which allow Frenchies to swim conveniently.

5. French Bulldogs are heavy snorers because of their flat faces which can make breathing quite turbulent for them while they are sleeping

6. The average Lifespan of a French Bulldog is around 12 years.

7. French Bulldogs are popularly known as Frog Dogs because the way they place out their legs some times.

French Bulldog, a Frog Dog

8. French Bulldogs are not originally from France. British Lace Maker brought their in-bred English Bulldogs, (which was specially bred to have smaller terriers as lap warmers for the lace makers) to France during the industrial revolution in the 1800s. This was where the name Bouledogues francais (French Bulldogs) became very popular and coupled with some improvements in the biology of the breed, French Bulldogs earned an identity of its own different than the typical English Bulldog.

9. Earlier in history, French Bulldogs were associated with French Prostitutes, and this was because upon the arrival of British lace makers, prostitutes were most seen with Frenchies and they helped spread the popularity of the dog like wildfire through France.

10. French Bulldogs like to talk and they can't stand being yelled at. Though Frenchies are not the barking type, they are not entirely quiet around the house. You'll often hear them yawning, yipping and gargling - which seems to sound like their own unique language in the dog world, I think they must be talking and saying something we can understand. Sometimes, they also tend to sing, especially when you are singing - they may be singing along with you.

Also, Frenchies are very sensitive, they don't like to be yelled at, scolded, or rudely criticized. If you did this, they'll react by withdrawing, mopping around or just acting up and showing you their stubborn attitudes.

So, those are our 10 Fun Facts about French Bulldog that make their unique identifiers, among. Share your thoughts below.

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Jojo Diaz

I have a 9 week old blue French bulldog puppy and called her Blue. She is so sweet, sticks to me like glue, she crys when I leave the room and is very playful and likes biting at your ankles lol.
Can’t wait to see her grow and flourish.


I have a white frenchie. Her name is Stella Rose and is 9 months. She is a delight. Stella is lovable and funny. Very smart. Pass’s has loudly. Lol we love our Stella.


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