Is it healthy to Use Hand Sanitizers on French Bulldogs?

Is it healthy to Use Hand Sanitizers on French Bulldogs?

This period is a tense one. Everyone is trying all they can just so they do not get the coronavirus. Also, care is being taken so that our pets, especially our French bulldog is safe during this period. Hand sanitizers are generally safe with humans but can be dangerous to our French bulldogs.

Hand sanitizers are made with ethanol, which is alcohol. The concentration of alcohol in hand sanitizers can be as high as 95% sometimes. This is usually so that it can kill any bacteria or virus it comes in contact with. And the truth is that using such concentration of alcohol on your dog can lead to alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol poisoning can come when these sanitizers are mistakenly ingested by your French bulldogs. It can lead to several complications that will leave your dog needing special care. Hence instead of using hand sanitizers, you could use any pet wipes or regular washing to keep your French bulldog safe during this coronavirus pandemic.

The effect of alcohol on your French bulldog is as dangerous as every other regular poison. Hence you should ensure that your dog does not use any product that contains ethanol as a component. If your French bulldog comes in contact with any alcohol-containing substance, please contact your vet fast.

What are the Symptoms of Hand Sanitizer Poisoning in Dogs?

There are lots of symptoms that your French bulldog will display when it has come in contact with hand sanitizers. It progresses from small behavioral changes, then difficulty breathing. Your French bulldog could also go into a coma or have diarrhea too.

Other symptoms you should watch out for are; seizures, tremors, vomiting, weakness, and lethargy. As soon as you notice these signs, you should put a call across to your veterinary doctor.

Assessing your French bulldog for any of these symptoms will give you a glimpse if your French bulldog is having alcohol poisoning.

You have to speak to your vet if you notice any of the symptoms listed above. Your vet will then have some verbal history from you. If you have any package of the substance which your French bulldog has ingested, then you should take along with you to the betting office.

The vet will need to assess the danger which the ingested substance can pose to your French bulldog. A blood count and other biochemical profiling would be done for your French bulldog, all in the aim to know what damage has been caused by the ingested hand sanitizer.


Causes of Hand Sanitizer Poisoning in French Bulldogs

The effect of hand sanitizers on your French bulldogs stems from the high concentration of ethanol it has. Usually, ethanol concentration on hand sanitizers goes up to about 95%. Also, you should go around your house and take note of other liquids that have a high level of alcohol.

Lots of these liquids are not conducive to your French bulldogs. However, only a few will have pleasant flavors such as cough medications and several types of mouthwash.


Treatment for Hand Sanitizer Poisoning

If your French bulldog ingests such a large amount of chemical, death can be imminent. Hence time is of the essence. If the ingestion is recent, then the vet may induce emesis for your French bulldog. This will help the dog vomit all the substances it has taken in.

Usually, the treatment is supportive care. There are no precise cut medications, but if your French bulldog is brought in early, then there is a good chance it will survive. If breathing gets severe, then your French bulldog can also be placed on oxygen.

If there would be any recovery, it will happen from eight to twelve hours after treatment has begun.


Recovery and Maintenance

You should keep your French bulldog in a clean environment and ensure that he takes all his medications. This will help expedite recovery. Also, I know that there needs to be clean water available for your dog.

Your French bulldog will also need some follow-up visits to the veterinary doctor; this will ensure that there would be no complications from the hand sanitizers poisoning.


As soon as you are done treating your French bulldog, you should ensure that you don’t have any hand sanitizer lying carelessly around. You could keep them out of reach and do not use them on your French bulldogs.

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