How to Identify The Cause of Your Dogs Hair Loss and What to Do

How to Identify The Cause of Your Dogs Hair Loss and What to Do

As we explained in the previous post, there are several causes of hair loss in dogs. Where there are signs showing that your French Bulldog is experiencing the loss of his hair, you should take him to the Veterinarian.

What the doctors do is to carry out a test on the hair of the dog under a microscopic condition, the aim of the test is to detect whether there are parasites or some kind of infection which is physically accessible on the dog. In this instance, it may be a case for topical or oral medications.

However, if the hair loss is more severe, there will be more treatment attention given to the Frenchie, which will cover medicines and dietary modifications.

What to Do if Your Frenchie is Losing His Hair

  1. Treatment Plans:

In order to know what treatment to apply when your Frenchie is losing his hair, you need to first ascertain the actual cause of the hair loss. The cause of the hair loss will determine the type of treatment to be given to the dog. For example, let's say your Veterinarian identified that the cause of the hair loss is due to fleas, you should prepare both short term and long term treatment for it. To provide immediate relief to treat fleas, you may combine your Frenc bulldog with a flea comb and bath him with a medicated shampoo.

It will also be important to treat other pets around the house even though they may not be showing early signs of fleas.

  1. Diet Modification:

Optimum nutrition is very essential in the health of your dog. Depending on the cause of your french bulldog hair loss, your veterinarian may prepare a special dedicated nutrition plan for the dog. This diet modification helps your Frenchie to regain their hair faster.

For example, an allergy-induced hair loss, which may cause skin irritation, some food option might be removed from the diet. There may also be more protein intake in order to aid in muscle and skin repair.

  1. Bathing and Topical Medication

If your Frenchie's hair loss is moderate or severe, there may be a slight modification in the frequency of bathing your dog. You may have to combine a number of things such as Medicated Shampoo, Topical Medication, and oral medication. This will provide an overall treatment and guard against future outbreaks of hair loss caused by the same factor.

N.B: Oatmeal baths for dogs with itchy skin is highly effective in preventing severe hair loss as a result.

How to Prevent Future Occurrence of French Bulldog Hair Loss

The first step to avoid the occurrence of massive hair loss in your Frenchie in future is to desist from subjecting the dog to conditions that trigger severe hair loss. For example, the absence of allergens and other irritation-inducing agents is the best way to prevent the future occurrence of hair loss. This has proven to be effective for dermatitis and parasite-related hair loss. By maintaining a clean environment, you could inhibit the chances of harboring parasites that will harm your dog.

Again, there are certain medications that may trigger severe hair loss, such as numerous oral, topical and injectable medications. By numerous, I mean high doses and long-term use. Other types of medications that may cause hair loss include Vaccines, usually causes hair loss at the site of the injection, sometimes, it may give rise to a widespread hair loss over a period of time. In general, these medications all affect hair follicles, which causes noticeable slow hair growth.

In conclusion, make sure that you pay close attention to your French bulldog, notice early symptoms of hair loss, and consult a veterinarian on time. Depending on the particular cause, there will different procedures and treatments that may be used to combat the situation.

Our studies led us to the above findings, have you got something to add? leave us a comment below.

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