How to Feed a French Bulldog

How to Feed a French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a gentle playmate that loves being around humans. They tend to do well when in contact and during the interaction hence there are no particular guidelines for feeding your French bulldog. But you should be aware that to train a very disciplined French bulldog, you will have to get in some rules.

Having just a meat-based diet is not balanced and does not contain all the necessary nutrients that your French bulldog will need to survive. Good quality food is necessary for your French bulldog to be healthy. You should select the best option for your dog based on your preferences.

Use a food option

The best option to feed your French bulldog is to select from commercial dry food, raw food, canned food, or any suitable homemade meals. Dog foods of all types come with different levels of quality. When you feed your French bulldog a high-quality meal, it will reduce the cravings of your dog for food. Quality food has fewer filler materials and lots of proteins and nutrients.

Dry foods

Also, dry food contains lots of ingredients, vitamins, and grains. Some also contain some meats, fats, and other byproducts. Dry foods are usually cheaper than another form of dog food. They are also easily accessible. Hence it is one of the preferred options for dog owners.

Canned foods

Canned food is also like dry foods. They can be swapped and may contain the same nutritional benefits. According to some experts, canned food is usually costly to feed your French bulldog simply because they provide a large percentage of water (about 75%); hence you will have to give your French bulldog more canned food to get same calories when compared to dry foods.

Raw foods

On the other hand, raw food includes ground beef, chicken breast, heart, steak, liver, and bone. You can also offer to give some vegetables and fruits. You can get some raw diets in commercial quantities; you can also have the option of preparing your raw diet yourself.

However, you should confirm from your vet doctor before you give your Frenchie raw meat. Do a complete wash-up, utensils, and your hands after you handle these raw meats to avoid infecting your French bulldog.

Technicalities involved

You should know how your dog needs to vary with its size, activity, and metabolism. To know the quantity of food, you should feed your French bulldog; you should check the label and the dog packaging. Sometimes, you may end up calling the food manufacturer for the information that you need.

You should take some precautions;

Wheat is usually challenging to digest, so it also is all its product. It can cause some distress, such as flatulence. Skin irritations can occur when your French bulldog is given many corn products and fullers that have too much protein.

You should learn not to feed your French bulldog with snacks that are unhealthy. You may be tempted to do this, but understand that it is for their good. Sending them anything they wish for can be dangerous to their health; they are dogs; they may not know what is best for them.

Also, even with healthy snacks, you should not feed them too much with it. You mustn't break their eating schedule with small treats, it can affect their eating habit, and this will take time to normalize.

While your Frenchie is eating, respect their food time. This is the time for their pleasure. Hence you should leave them alone. Let them finish their food. Don’t be a surprise if it acts aggressively to you when you come close to its plate.

If you want your French bulldog to allow your guests and you to eat peacefully, then you should be disciplined enough not to feed it with your meal.

Get your dog some of its feeding bowls and ensure you put all its food there into it. Using several bowls for eating is not an excellent way to train your French bulldog to have perfect eating habits.

Do not put its foot on the ground. This way, you teach the dog that taking anything from the ground is okay. When it comes to your French bulldog, know that every of your small ‘nice’ actions can make your French bulldog cultivate and maintain a bad habit.

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