How to Care for Your Dog During the Lockdown

How to Care for Your Dog During the Lockdown

French bulldog need a lot of attention and care. Hence caring for them during the lockdown should be nothing but a necessity to you. While caring for your Frenchie at this time, there are some dos and don'ts. There are some things which were okay to do before COVID-19 but not anymore. The coronavirus pandemic has largely established a new order of things, and you should get along with the new normal, even in caring for your French Bulldog.

Reviewing your care guide for your French Bulldog will keep you and your French bulldog to stay safe and prevent any possible infections or health complications in this historic time.


Below are somethings you should do:

  • Bath your French bulldog after a walk
  • During the lockdown, a brisk walk and some light outdoor exercises are all that is allowed. You will not be expected to partake in sports or exercises that will require the gathering of people in a place. That is to say; you can take a walk with your French bulldog within your neighborhood.

    After each walk, you should take some time to wash your dog and ensure that he is clean. If you cannot go all through the process of washing your French bulldog, then you should wash its paws and spray its fur or don’t take a walk outdoors, stay home and engage in other exercise activities.

  • Reduce activity
  • As much as possible, you should reduce activities for your French bulldog around the house. With you always present in the house, there is a chance that your Frenchie will always want to be around you, jumping around and being all energetic. This can increase his daily food consumption and will affect your monthly budget. Since we ain’t all working at full pace, we are all on a budget. 

    Reduced activity will mean that your French bulldog exerts less energy and therefore less food consumption. Also, this will reduce the chances of your Frenchie getting infected with any diseases or bacteria.

  • Avoid Touching your French bulldog too Frequently
  • Even if you have to make contact, ensure you wash your hands properly before and after touching your French bulldog.

    Many times, you will be tempted to caress your dog and rub its fur. The French bulldog loves you when you keep doing this. But you should reduce the way you touch your dog or avoid it altogether.

    You should also avoid it coming in contact with edibles, especially when it still goes out of its pen and runs around in the compound. Ensure you take edibles out of its reach. You stand a chance to keep yourself and your dog safe if you reduce contact between you two.

  • Play games
  • Your French bulldog needs your attention now more than ever, and this does not mean that you keep rubbing and caressing it. Instead, be more constructive. Play a game of catch with your French bulldog once in a while, any game that will help your dog exercise while running around the place rather than jumping on you will do just fine.

    If you're keeping your dog in the cage for a long time, consider this essential to craft out some exercise plan that will help your dog stretch its muscles within some careful boundaries.

  • Give supplements
  • There are lots of benefits of giving supplements to your French bulldogs. Proper supplementation will come in handy during this lockdown. But before you buy any supplement for your French bulldog, you should talk to your vet first.

    You could also provide fruits and vegetables for them. The main point is for you to ensure your French bulldog gets the best nutritional treatment.

    As much as possible, you should avoid allowing your French bulldog play with any stray dog. You should understand that stray dogs have a higher chance of getting infected and so can pass that infection to your Frenchie. Ensure your dog is in pen and always on a leash. This way you have complete control of their movement and contacts with other dogs and persons.

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