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How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost?


French bulldogs are much pricier than other breeds of dog, and the reason is not so far from their high demands and a couple of other factors we would be discussing in this article. Knowing what a French bulldog cost will help plan a budget for it.

If you are looking to get the ever-charming cute puppy, then you could do well to improve on your savings; nevertheless, I can assure you that it is worth every dime you spend.

The average French bulldog cost varies in prices ranging from $2,000 to $8000, and in some cases, depending on the quality of its breed line, it could cost up to $15,000

Factors that affect the French bulldog's pricing

  1.     Ancestral Pedigree

The franchise's lineage is also a huge factor in determining its pricing. Frenchies that come from the lineage of ancient bulldogs are more highly-priced than other breeds of Frenchies.

  1.     The breeder

Some puppy breeders have been known for their top quality breeds. They are pretty reputable in their fields and also get a lot of recommendations. Buying from these guys also means buying at a higher price as their skillfulness comes with a cost.

  1.     Trends

Like every other thing high in demand and owned by celebrities, the Frenchies are also relatively higher in price than other breeds.

  1.     Appearance

The French bulldogs come in black, blue, lilac, and chocolate, some of which are unusual for the everyday dog breeds. Another good selling point of the franchise is its size.

  1.     Gender

The female breed is higher in demand than the male breed; hence there are more expensive than their male counterparts. I will suggest you aim for a male breed if you need to get one with a not-so-friendly budget.

  1.     Vaccination

The French bulldog is commonly vaccinated by its breeder. Vaccinations usually come at a high price which is in turn added to pricing.

  1.     Training Received

If you have your eyes on an already trained, smart-looking pup, you should also be aware of the training cost, which will, of course, be included in the purchasing fee.

The average French bulldog Cost varies depending on whether you buy from a professional breeder (which I would highly recommend), sizeable commercial breeder, or a backyard breeder.


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For a professional breeder, the pricing usually comes at $2000 -$7000. Buying from these professionals means a smooth ride with your puppy after you pick it up. They ensure all safety precautions to keep you and your dog safe from diseases.

For a backyard breeder, their French bulldog Cost comes at $1000-$3000. Though some people may like the Frenchies from the backyard, some others think they are not as reliable as the professional breed. One of the reasons for this is that they do not come with any veterinary records or evidence of deworming posing risks to the buyer and the puppy.

Puppy mills are the least recommended when it comes to purchasing French puppies. The dogs are not usually adequately groomed. They develop psychological problems resulting from the stress in the environment they were raised in. They are as cheap as $500 -$1500 but are not worth the stress.




  • Charlene Ramsey

    Great article! I would just add that the frenchie breed is prone to many things such as the soft palate being to long and blocking the airway and nares being too narrow and making it difficult to breathe requiring surgery. These are things they’re sometimes born with. They are also prone to IDD (intervertebral disc disorder) so you have to be careful about them jumping off your bed and sofa. So you must be aware that these precious babies could require expensive surgery. We’ve been lucky and haven’t had to do any surgeries except a neuter. But we love our Frenchie so much no amount of money is too much! Also, Invest in a couple of the cooling shirts on this site. They are prone to heat exhaustion so it’s a must in the summer. We love ours!

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