9 Things You Should Avoid So That Your Frenchie Will Be Happy and Healthy

9 Things You Should Avoid So That Your Frenchie Will Be Happy and Healthy

According to the Association Pet Obesity Prevention, 60% of Cats and 56% of Dogs in the US are obese or overweight. Of course, no pet owner would purposely make such a grave mistake when it comes to feeding their furry friend, because we all know that obesity is an health problem.

Nevertheless, there are 9 things you should avoid so that your pet will be happy and healthy. Here we go:

  1. Feeding your Frenchie from a plastic bowl:

While plastic bowls are inexpensive and convenient, they are not the best for your pet’s health. First off, such bowls get covered in scratches quickly, and these scratches become a perfect trap for bacteria. You can’t remove these bacteria even if you clean the bowl thoroughly. As a result, your Frenchie can get feline acne due to exposure to the bacteria in the bowl. Also, dogs can develop different allergic reactions to plastic. On top of that, some dogs like to chew on their bowl, which means they risk ingesting pieces of plastic, and finally, many pets hate the smell of plastic. Every feeding will turn into an unpleasant experience for them.

A much safer material for a pet is ceramic or even better stainless steel.

Ceramics Bowl for Frenchies (WS41)


  1. Giving Your Pet Human Food:

Many pet owners give table scraps to their pets. Of course, your four-legged animal loves it, and you feel good about not wasting left-overs. However, a lot of the foods we humans eat contain salt, sugar, artificial colorants, sweeteners, and fat. All these additives are harmful to their health.

  1. Giving Your Pet Too Many Treats:

Most people see treats as a way to show how much they love their pets, and since you love your Frenchie with all your heart, it’s all too easy to give them treat after treat but remember treats can’t serve as a replacement for normal food. They don’t have the necessary nutrients your pet needs for a healthy balanced diet, so too much can result in obesity for your pet. Try to use treats only as a reward for good behavior and success during training. Even at that, break the treats into small pieces, and if your pet is already overweight, give them their regular food when you train them. This way, you will reduce an increase in their calorie intake.

  1. Not Considering Your Pet’s Lifestyle and Age When Feeding It:

Just like humans, dogs should be fed according to their age and lifestyle. Most pet foods have labels that indicate if kibble is suitable for your pup. You also need to remember that younger animals need more food than older ones since they require more nutrients for proper growth, newborn pups should be fed up to six times a day, 4-7 months old need to eat four times a day and adult dogs need to eat two times a day.

  1. Free Feeding Your Pet:

Free-feeding your pet means that you leave food in their bowl around the clock, they can come and go anytime and munch on some dry kibble. Many pet owners choose this kind of feeding when they are worried that their pets can get hungry throughout the day. The problem here is that the pets are exposed to pet obesity and weight gain.

If you have to leave your pet alone for the whole day, try using a special automatic food dispenser that provides your dog with small kibbles regularly throughout the day.

Automatic Frenchies Feeder

Automatic Frenchies Feeder


  1. INTERCHANGING Your Pet’s Food:

Surprisingly some people feed dog food to their cats and vice versa. This occurs in a home where pets are allowed to choose from any bowl. This is wrong because some pet foods may be specially made for a particular animal with different nutritional values. Interchanging pet food will lead to serious health conditions for dog.

  1. Giving Bones to Your Pet:

Pets, especially dogs, love to chew bones; at the same time, this doesn’t mean you should feed bones to them every day. Cooked bones can lead to internal injuries or lead to choking especially when it is stuck in the throat of a dog, and trying to get it out may be nearly impossible or risky for you to pull out. Be careful with the type of bone you feed to your dog. If your Frenchie likes to chew, you can get him or her some chewing toys to exercise his or her teeth.

Frenchie Chewing Toys


  1. Giving Your Cat Too Much Tuna or Raw Fish:

Although, tuna can serve as a treat for your dog, including it as part of his meal daily may cause malnutrition or mercury poisoning. Additionally, due to its low nutritional value in vitamins E and B12, it can lead to Yellow Fat Disease, seizures, and loss of appetite. The more you feed your dog with tuna, the less interested they become in eating proper food.

  1. Giving Milk to Your Pet:

Don't feed your dog milk, instead only puppies or kittens can safely drink milk like their mom’s milk and nothing less. If you feel like substituting their mom’s milk, ensure that it is not cow milk as this will expose them to diarrhea and stomach upset.

There are different kinds of milk products for animals. Dogs can be given milk as a treat but not as an everyday diet. Replacing water with milk will lead to dehydration for your pet.



There you it, "The 9 Things You Should Avoid So That Your Frenchie Will Be Happy and Healthy." So which things do you try to avoid when it comes to feeding your pet? Share your experience below.

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Great blog learning alot from it ie the pet bowls letting you know ceramic is best i noticed my frenchie now eats better from her new ceramic bolws also i know avoide giving her bones thanks for all great info guys


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