As a French Bulldog owner, you should want the best for your French Bulldog. This goes from buying comfortable beds, quality toys, and French Bulldog food down to their food bowls. You should know that your furry friend deserves the best and nothing less. The big question is, how much effort have you put to ensure that your French Bulldog feeder is safe for your French Bulldog?

Many French Bulldog owners use plastic bowls as a feeder for their dogs because it is inexpensive and convenient for use. However, plastic bowls are not healthy for dogs and should not be recommended for the home. This is because plastics are prone to be chewed or scratched by your dog, thereby creating room for harboring bacteria. As much as you would want to clean the bowl thoroughly, it will not be possible to keep the germs away.

Dogs can develop severe allergy to the plastics and stand the risk of chewing and ingesting small pieces of plastics that could build up over time, which would likely cause indigestion or severe health condition such as acne or irritation around the muzzle. Furthermore, plastic bowls contain BPA and Phthalate. BPA, on the one hand, is a chemical that disrupts the endocrine system when digested, it is capable of disrupting the normal functioning of your Frenchie’s brain, among other kinds of issues. On the other hand, Phthalate is a solvent used in making plastic products more flexible, also not healthy for ingestion by any means.

So, if you should not use plastic bowls to feed your Frenchie, what kind of feeding bowl do we advise?


Ceramic Frenchie Feeding Bowl


Ceramic bowls are great alternatives to plastic bowls. Ceramics are healthier than plastic bowls in so many different ways and we are going to give you tips on why you should choose a ceramic bowl over a plastic bowl anytime any day:

  1.       Easy to Clean:

Ceramic bowls can be easily cleaned and it will still maintain its colour without any trace of food stain in the bowl. 

  1.       Adaptive to Heat:

Ceramic bowls for your French Bulldogs are produced to adapt to heat pressure and will not crack regardless of the frequency of the heat that it is subjected to unless otherwise indicated. You must go through any warning or instructions that are boldly written on the bowl plate before use.

  1.       Often Attractive:

Having a ceramic bowl for your French Bulldog is another addition to the beauty of your home. This is because ceramic bowls come with unique, attractive artistic features and colours that are appealing to the eye and would definitely spur the interest of your French Bulldog to lunch whenever you come calling with its favorite food recipe.

  1.     No Bacteria:

One of the disadvantages of a plastic bowl is that it has the tendency of becoming a bacteria hide-out- spot whenever your French Bulldog chews or scratches it, which would result in severe health conditions. BUT... ceramics can neither be chewed on or scratched due to its hard feature.


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I concur, all good advice, but you should also state that stainless steel bowls are just as good 🙏🐾🐶👍

Garry Lucas

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